Forever and Always Part 1

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Dear diary,

As a girl growing up with parents who are never around because their work is their life, and having a set of older twin siblings life was more challenging. Everyone expected me to be like Heather and Haden, but that's just not me. Heather is a snob, and Haden is a push over jerk. They're both 17 and graduating this year. They both have bright blue eyes. Heather has blonde hair, and Haden has brown. My family is really tall; the twins are already about 5'10. I'm only 5'8, I thought I was short! Heather is always at her friends or glued to her cell phone; although I have no room to criticize about the cell phone.  Haden has always hung out with me, up until two years ago. The twins aren't that bad when my parents are home because we all put on that "happy family all smiles and love" charade. My dad is a medical practitioner (brain surgeon) and my mom says she's a stay at home mom, but she's actually running for town busy body. We live in the tiny town of Cherrybrook Minnesota. It's a very small town to the west of the state. Everybody knows everybody in the town. Everybody is in everybody's business. The bad boys and the goody-goody's are the best of friends. Basically no social standards apply in this hole of a town. I love living in a small town though.

Me, I'm Alexis Mason, I'm 14 and I am going to attend Ettle High school, as a freshman, in the morning. I live for school, my favorite subject is math, and my other favorite subject is boys! I hope to meet the guy of my dreams in high school because I have already filtered through my grade. I'm in the gifted program at my school and I get to take math with a bunch of sophomores so that should help! I love school but my other passion is soccer. I play central midfield which basically means I get to stop everybody from hurting our "prized shooters." So I get to get dirty and fight while the prissy boys (Josh Lowden) get to kick the ball, score a goal, and be crowned MVP! One of the greatest things about my sibs is that they can drive! This year I asked my parents if Heather could take me clothes shopping for school. Of course they said yes because they think she's a "good girl" they agreed to it. I knew Heather would buy me some ACTUAL clothes because she'd be too embarrassed if I came to school in what my parents wanted me to wear. Can you imagine wearing a skirt down to the floor with tights underneath with a long-sleeve turtle neck? All I can say is thank god for popularity! The shopping spree was a success and I already have my first day outfit picked out! I green halter top and a brown flippy mini-skirt. The most amazing thing was that Heather said she thought it went great with my eyes! A compliment from Heather! I have deep emerald green eyes and dark red hair down to the small of my back. My hair is naturally beach curled, which means it can really be a pain! My parents finally decided to change my "bedtime" to a later time because "I am finally mature enough to know i should go to bed. "My school bedtime is 10:00 and my weekend is 11:00. It's now 12:00, whoops! Off to bed for me. Tomorrow I am a freshman.

This is the introduction to this Story :) hope you liked it! the song to the right wrote myself. tell me what you think! please keep reading! i changed my writing style in the 4th part, its better at least i think so, so at least keep reading until then

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