Im gonna kill you for it

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"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!" I yell at him.
"Well I think I'm hot and badass but you can call me Tanner." My heart skips a beat... Tanner... More like traitor...
"You son of a bitch..." I snarl softly. The side of Tanner's mouth moves up into a smirk.
"That's what I am... My mom and dad were the bitches of bitches."
"THEY TRIED TO KILL ME!!!!" He screams. The noise in the other room falters...
"WOLF ARE YOU OK???!!!" Carmen yells.
"Shut up!" Tanner says.
"Because I'll make you unstoppable... I'll make you like me... I'll-"
"WHY WOULD I WANNA BE LIKE YOU?!" I scream my voice cracking, his head tilts to the side slightly and then back.
"Would you calm down! And stop yelling at my sister! She doesn't need any stress!"
"Yes she is."
"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Tanner yells at her and I snap. Launching myself at the bigger male... I startle him and he stumbles back where I shove him into a wall and land punch after punch. To his gut, jaw, chest, groin, neck... And then a powerful punch to his head slamming it into the wall and he slides down to the ground limp. I'm still fuming mad when Carmen breaks in from the back entrance.
"Wolf...." She breathes out...
"Are you ok?" I ask.
"Me?! Are you ok?!" She glances down and nearly screams...
"What? What's wrong?" I ask worried.
"Your hurt bad..." She whines. I look down and see a handle in my side. I stumble back, I'm seeing red, blood, there's a knife in my body, oh god, ohgodohgodohgod.... My vision goes black.

So you know how in those movies when someone comes to, their eyelids slowly show them the world as if they are reluctant to let the person live on? Yeah that's how I woke up. I'm in a hospital bed with a random shirt on and Carmen at my side. Her hands in mine...
"I'm gonna kill that motherfucker..." She whispers.
"Yeah you do that." I whisper.
"WOLF!" She squeals. She jumps on my bed and hugs me.
"Ow ow ow ow happy to see you too OWWWW!" I yelp.
"It's ok..." I say and take her hand again." Am I in trouble?" She looks away.
"Hey Carmen what's wrong??"
"Their gonna try and break you in..." She whispers.
"What's that mean?"
"Their gonna beat you... See how far you can be pushed without snapping..." She cries.
"Hey shhh shhhh." I soothe pulling her into my chest rubbing her back and shoulders.
"Ain't nobody able to break me!" I say in a weird voice causing her to laugh. She sobers pretty fast.
"But seriously though I need you to be strong no matter what happens don't give in ok?"
"I promise. Why do you want me to stay? I can become so powerful."
"Be-Because..." She blushes and looks down. Suddenly she leans down and gives me a peck on the cheek. I blush and freeze.
"Sorry that was stupid..." She says and turns. I grab her arm and pull softly causing her to spin back around and look at me. I grab her jaw softly still weak from fainting and pull her down to my mouth and place my lips to hers softly. She freezes for a second before melting into my kiss.
"I'm so glad your okay." She whispers after pulling away.
"I'm not leaving you..." I whisper. I tilt her chin up and kiss her again.
"When can I leave this bed?" I ask.
"As soon as you stop bleeding. The knife barely missed your gut." She says putting one hand on my chest and the other on my upper thigh causing my breathe to quicken.
"C-c-Carmen your hand." I stutter, she blushes immediately and moves her hand.
"Sorry Wolf."
"S'okay." I say and sit up slowly, wincing as pressure is put on the knife wound.
"Oww..." I groan and Carmen puts her hand on my stomach and lifts my shirt up.
"Don't you think it's a little to soon for you to be stripping me?" I ask smirking. She blushes.
"Sh-shut up." She says. I smirk. She slides my my shirt up to my shoulders, I slip it over my head and look down at my chest. I'm bandaged up all around my waist and I can see blood, I groan.
"Hey Carmen? Where's Sebastian?" I ask.
"He... He got in a fight with another boy. He killed him and now he's in quarantine. They're gonna train him to be a killer... I'm sorry."
"Damn. It's alright, as long as he doesn't die." I say trying to comfort her and failing.
"But. But. But... Okayyyyyy." She whines sticking her lip out.
"Come on cutie lets get outta here." I say causing her to blush again. I slowly stand up and almost fall, Carmen catches me and wraps my arm around her neck, allowing me to stand.
"You got it wolf?" She asks. I nod and we exit the room immediately run into Tanner. He sneers.
"Come on Carmen... Him?! You can find better friends, friends give you power." He says and chuckles.
"Is that why your so powerless?" She snaps and wraps her arm around my waist careful not to touch my wound.
"Watch yourself Ceecee..." He threatens." Something bad is gonna happen to you and your big mouth."
"Watch it Tanner." I snarl at him.
"Hunter are you really so weak you need help from a girl?"
"Hey at least I don't hurt them."
"I don't hurt Ceecee!" He yells. Ceecee?
"Everyday Tay! EVERY FREAKING DAY YOU DO I LOVED YOU!" She screams back at him.
"Hey come on." I say and try to walk her away. She doesn't move."Come on." I say louder and lead her away. She finally turns, but, not before giving Tanner a slap in the face causing him to stumble slightly. She turns her hair flying over her shoulder as she helps us go to our room...


She puts me on the only bed bed and sits on my waist careful to not put her leg on my wound.
"So I'm guessing your a top?" I ask slyly. She blushes.
"Well-well your injured sooo." She says and leans down to kiss me. I smile into the kiss and place my hand on her nape, pressing her head down closer, deepening the kiss. There's a knock on the door, scaring Carmen off of me and the door opens revealing a pissed off boy with black veins. A drop of black blood dripping from his mouth. Muscles moving and growing beneath a thin layer of skin, his eyes silver blue.
"Carmen get behind me." I say standing up straight thanks to adrenaline. She doesn't move her eyes glued on the boy. "Carmen get the fuck behind me." I growl. She doesn't move so I shove her behind me putting me between her and the.... Creature. It twitches more blood dripping to the ground. Carmen whimpers behind me and I realize this boy might actually kill us. Carmen nudges me and hands me Tanners knife, one shot. I aim for the things neck and I'm about to throw it, when Carmen lets out a strangled scream and I turn around and see another one at the window. I curse and throw the knife at the creature by the door hitting him right above the Adam's apple. He stumbles back and pulls the knife out cutting his last moments in half. He falls to the ground coughing up black blood. His buddy sees him dead and gives out a blood curdling scream and jumps through the window and onto Carmen. She screams.
"WOLF HELP ME!!" I spin on my heels and launch myself at the creature who was running its filthy fingers over her hair.
"You have three seconds( don't know why that was originally three minutes lol ) to get off of her before I rip you to shreds."

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