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VIRAGO (n.) - a strong, brave, or warlike woman; a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. 

''I'm the Commander of Black Army

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''I'm the Commander of Black Army.''

That was probably the only sentence in Vesmen that not even one Wolf wanted to hear. But if the male Wolf in front of her thought like that would be a good opening line, he was so deadly wrong.

The Black Army was the international group of beings who were dedicated only to the black market. No, they weren't the ones who might bring the peace, they were the ones who contained the chaos by giving it the balance. They were highly qualified beings – Wolves, Vampires, Ocean beings and beings with Magic, who happened to be the best of the best. The best hitmen; the best cartels; the best mafia; the best in all the worst.

And to see the Commander standing in the King's castle made her feel like the King's Pack wasn't as safe as he might have thought.

''Excuse me?'' Amaya somehow found herself being way too scared of the male to snap at him or to act brave.

After all, that male Wolf probably had enough people under his command to make the whole Winter's Pack vanish within a blink of an eye.

Gadiel placed his hands on his back as if that way she wouldn't find his threatening. His eyes were scanning her the whole time, and even from the far, she could see the darkness of his aura was almost touchable. There wasn't even a single thing welcoming about the male Wolf.

His eyes looked as if he was observing each thing moving around. The way his chin was a little bit lifted he seemed to be listening to each heartbeat in the whole Pack. He had such a thin, yet nicely sculptured nose, but his nostrils were a little flattered which only meant he was smelling everything all the time.

Just by the single glance over his sleeveless suit jacket, she knew he had enough money to transform himself every single month. From the pocket of his suit-jacket to his thin black belt was the gold thin chain glittering on the sun while his belt had the thin golden roots. The button-up black shirt had the rolled up sleeves till his elbows, only to show how his inked body was perfectly trained. The black pants weren't too tight, but defiantly tight enough to know that man knew how to handle a female.

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