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Taejoon pov
I woke up and see familiar ceiling.. It's a white ceiling.. I was looking a round and saw all people I love gather in my room..

Suga pov
She woke and I couldn't see her pale face.. She didn't tell anything..


"Please spend more time with her.. She got no time left" jin said

"What do u mean by that? " I ask..

"she has Heart disease and she only has a few days"

//end of flashback//

Taejoon pov
I call Yoonji as I smile weakly.. Yoonji come beside me..

"Will you marry me? " I ask yoonji.. I try to held back tears..

He shake his head

"Please? " I want to cry.. But I can't..

He nod..

"Let's go.. Noona want to rest first"Jenny said..

I held Jenny wrist as she turn around me.. And she smile.. I dry her tears and give sign that I didn't want to see they cry..

They give all the flowers and leave..
Until it's suga turn.. I called Jihoo and whisper to her..

"S-suga? " I called him but he ignore me.. I smile weakly..

"I will leave soon.. I'm sorry for my mistakes.. All of em.. I-I know that I'm a-annoying.. T-to u.. Mianhe"I smile.. And he left the room..

Suga pov
I can't hold anymore.. I cried as walk away and.. Got home safely..

Jihoo was stay with Taejoon .. She said that Taejoon sleeping..

At 4:30 am

I heard a call from Jihoo.

On call

Jihoo:*cry* suga.. S-she.. S-she.. Sob sob
Me:jihoo.. R u alright?
Jihoo:She's gone.. *cried*

I hang up the phone and wake everybody.. As I arrived at Taejoon room.. I saw white blanket close taejoon pretty face.. I opened the blanket and saw Taejoon lifeless body smile.. She's the angel..

The end

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