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This was requested by SwimmerFox. Hope you enjoy.

*Your P.O.V.* 

          It all started 3 months ago. Someone by the name Death gun started to play a game called Gun Gale Online, GGO for short. At first everyone, including myself, thought he was just another ordinary player. That's until he killed his first victim. His name was XeXeeD, also the top ranked player in game. After that Death gun killed 4 more people. Their names were Usujio Taroko, Pale Rider, Garett and my (older/younger) (brother/sister). Death gun nearly got me as well.

          However, just as I was about to be shot two girls came and saved me. One of them had short, pale blue hair and indigo eyes. The other had long black hair and black eyes. I could never be able to thank them enough for saving my life. 

*Time Skip* 

          "You won't get away from me this time,"his mechanic like voice spoke. His type 54 black star was pointed directly at my head. The girls who went by the names Kirito and Sinon stood back watching as he threatened to end my life. 

          My (brother/sister) stood next to Death gun,"You shouldn't have lived the last time. You don't deserve to live,"(his/her) voice was so harsh it was like an arrow to my heart. Death gun's laugh filled the air as he fired a single shot. As soon as the bullet hit me my body help like it was burning.

          I shot out of bed, drenched in my own sweat. Ever since Death gun was defeated I've had that nightmare every night. I looked at the clock seeing that it read 2:54 am. It's way to early to wake up, but I really don't want to have to suffer through that nightmare twice in one night. I pushed the covers off slowly getting up. The first thing I had to do was change out of these clothes. I picked a (f/c) shirt and simple black shorts. 

          I made my way to the kitchen where I got (f/d) (fav drink) to help me cool off. I thought back to the girl with pale blue hair and indigo eyes. The real one not the one who watched me die in my dream. Her low toned, yet squeaky voice as she asked me if I was alright. She was so kind to me, but she didn't even know who I was. 

          My eyes fell onto a game that was rested on the counter. The title read "Alfheim Online". On the cover there were two Fairy-like people. One was green the other was red. In front of them was a ful moon and everything else were trees. It looked almost magical, but it looked incredibly boring. 

          I slowly closed my eyes before they flew open again,"Ugh. I'm so tired. Please don't have anymore nightmares". I walked back to my bed and fell back asleep. Thankfully, I didn't have another nightmare. 

*Time Skip*

          "Link start!," I shout just loud enough for my head gear to acknowledge my voice. Within seconds it started confirming all my past data. Once it was complete I was welcomed into the game.

          "Welcome to Alfheim Online. Please select your Fairy race," I jumped as I heard the AI start talking. Once I gained control of myself I looked up to see a bunch of characters rotating in the air. I had researched everything before I came here. There was the Cait Sithes, the Gnomes, the Imps, the Leprechauns, the Pookas, the Salamanders, the Spriggans, the Sylphs, and the Undines.

          Once it came back around I chose the Cait Siths because it had cute cats ears and a tail. I love cats(sorry if you're a dog lover). A bright flash appeared before I landed in a town. There were a bunch of different characters that looked the same as me. I turned to my right and saw strange mirror, but I looked at my reflextion regardless. I looked exactly like my old character in GGO. I had (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. The only difference was the ears and tail. 

          I decided to take a look around the area. Maybe I'll find someone to be friends with. It didn't take me long to find a small restaurant. There weren't many people, maybe 5, but I wasn't fond of big crowds. I would rather have it this was then there be any more.  

          I walked quietly into the building. There was one person who I was just drawn to. She had blue hair with blue ears, a blue tail, and blue eyes. For a split second she looked up and our eyes met. The cold gaze she gave me sent shivers up my spin.

          I took a seat at a table far away from her, but that didn't stop her,"You're new here, huh?" Since I was sitting, she stood twice as tall as me. I tried to shrink into nothing, so she would leave me alone, but it didn't work,"Are you deaf?! I asked if you were new!" Her loud voice made me want to cry, but I held it back.

          "Y-yes," I couldn't manage to squeak anything else out. 

          She, however, seemed unfazed,"You got a name?"

          I nodded before muttering,"(Y/c/n))". 

          She huffed slight,"Well, (Y/c/n), I'm Sinon,"for a moment I thought I saw her eyes soften,"What made you want to join a game like this?" She, uninvitedly, sat down infront of me. 

          Thanks to her doing that I wasn't as scared,"Well I wanted to get away from the last VRMMO, but I wasn't expecting this game to be.. well, like this. It's way different then I thought". 

          "Well, that all depends on what game you came from. Mind telling me?," she inquired. I didn't see anything wrong with telling her.

          "It was called Gun Gale Online or GGO for short," the moment I said the name her eyes lit up.

          "Woah! No way. I used to  play that game before I came here too!,"her voice was that I nearly jumped out of my seat. "Why did you leave?" With that my happiness disappeared as I thought back to the night my (sister/brother) was killed.

          "I don't want to talk about it,"I mumbled under my breath. Without even looking up I could tell that Sinon was worried, but I really didn't want to bring it up. I heard the chair across from me move and I assumed it was Sinon leaving.

          However, a moment later a soft had touched chin making me look up,"You don't need to tell me, but don't go getting sad. Look I know we just met and this is on a VRMMO, but I was wandering if I could ask you something,"I gave a short nod,"Would you go on a date with me? Irl no on here". I was at a complete loss of words. 

          I didn't know what to say. Even if I did know what to say nothing will come out of my mouth. Staring into her blue eyes I gave her a small smile and nodded my head yes. Her eyes softened only to close as she leaned towards me stealing my lips with hers. The kiss only lasted a moment, but it was enough for me. Hopefully I'll be able to kiss her irl and get the real feeling and taste of her kiss. 

          She gave me information on where to meet her and when and we logged off. As I sat in bed staring at my ceiling I couldn't help, but imagine her. The soft feeling of her lips. I truely can't wait for tomorrow. I think this is the first time I've been happy in so long.

I will make a part two. This was too long for me to continue, so again there will be a part two. I hoped you liked this.

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