(Bleach)Yoruichi Shihōin x Neko! Reader

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This was requested by MarleneeCastro. Hope you like it. Also before I start I'm warning you I've never seen this anime before, so I apologize if the character isn't how she is in the anime. 

 *Your P.O.V*

          "Neko freak!," the harsh words of the boy's hit me like an arrow to the heart. My cat-like flattened to my head as I began to mentally shrink into nothingness. 

          "Who do you think you're calling a freak,"a deep voice broke through the laughter of the boys. A small cat jumped down in front of me. The cat had beautiful, golden eyes and sleek black fur,"You should leave while you can still walk". The deep voice seemed to be coming from the cat itself.

          The fact that there was a talking cat in front of the boys made them freak out. They ran off instantly leaving me alone with the talking, black cat. I couldn't move. I couldn't talk. All I could do was just stare at the cat in wonder. How could a cat be talking? 

          "Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to thank me?," the deep voice spoke up again. 

          My ears flicked with amazement,"You can talk?!" I spoke louder than I meant to, but the cat seemed unfazed. 

          "Yes, I can. And you are a girl with cat ears and a tail. Am I really THAT surprising to you?," the cat questioned. I thought for a moment before nervously laughing. The cat was right. We ar both a little different in our own ways. My (h/c) cat-like tail flicked as I thought of something else to ask it.

          My ears perked high as I thought of something,"Can you turn into a human as well as talk?" That cat gave me a look as if I were crazy. "I guess that's a no," my ears flattened in disappointment.

          The cat erupted in laughter,"You should see your face! Of course I can turn into a human. I just prefer to be in my cat form". 

          Once more, my ears perked and I waved my tail mischievously,"Really?!," when the small cat nodded I continued,"Then could you show me? I've always wanted to see something magical!"

          A quiet purr came from the cat,"If you wanted to see something magical you should have looked in the mirror". I immediately covered my face with my hands to hide the ginormous blush appearing in my face. I moved my hands just in time to see the cat starting to walk into an abandoned building.

          "Should I really be falling a strange talking cat into an abandoned building?," I thought to myself. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to follow the cat. If that cat really wanted to hurt me it would have done so already, but I'm still alive. 

          I looked around the building for the cat, but couldn't seem to find it, until I hear a voice,"Hello!" This one was much more feminine then the one of the cat's. I turned around only to be met by a naked woman. I yelped in surprise and turned away from her, while the blush from earlier return. 

          The woman began laughing,"You should have at least thought that I would end up naked. Cats don't need clothes, so when I change into a cat I leave my clothes behind. Hang on, i have a spare set of clothes somewhere around here". 

          Her voice soon faded as I listened to her shuffling around. No way that woman was that cat. The cat had a man's voice not a female's. Could she be lying to me? Playing a trick? Maybe I should leave before anything bad happens. If anything bad happens. 

          Her voice dragged me from my thoughts,"Hey. I'm dressed. You can turn around now". Not entirely trusting her, I looked over my shoulder to see she was, indeed, dressed. She wore an orange shirt over a black shirt, black pants, and white boots. Her long black hair was tied in a ponytail, her golden, cat-like, eyes flared with mischief, and her dark skin complemented every inch of her. 

          I could help, but stare at her until I realized I hadn't introduced myself,"My name is (Y/n). (Y/n) (L/n). It's nice to meet you.. um..". 

          She finished for me,"Yoruichi Shihōin. Call me Yoruichi. It's nice to meet you to, beautiful". She took my hand in hers kissing it, causing me to blush.

          When I heard her laugh I knew something was up,"You're doing that on purpose!"

          She tried to play innocent,"Doing what?"

          I wasn't falling for it though,"You're trying to get me to blush! Why?"

          She took my hand in her's, but this time she just squeezed it lightly,"Because it looks cute on you. That's why, (Y/n)". She gave me a sweet smile.

          As much as I wanted to believe it I just couldn't,"You don't even know me, yet you're flirting with me. For all you know I could be a killer or you could be the killer". 

          She shook her head in disbelief,"First there IS something called 'love at first sight'. Who's to say I didn't fall for this princess?," a small blush formed on my cheeks as she continued,"Secondly, you were afraid of a couple of boys, so much so that you couldn't even fight back. You are not a killer. As for me, if I wanted to kill you, you would be dead already. I promise not to kill you or even hurt you". 

          I looked down at my feet. Her words meant so much to me. After being teased my whole life for having cat ears and a tail it's good to hear someone actually cares. Even though I know she is lying.

          I pulled my hand away from her touch,"Thank you for saying that, but I don't need your pity. Love at first sight and true love don't exist. Thank you for showing me something magical. I-"

          "That wasn't magical," her words came out harsh as she cut me off,"This is what magical is". I was about to ask her what she meant until I felt her lips on my own. She pulled me closer to her by wrapping her arms around my waist. In that moment, I felt what she was talking about. The magic that I could feel as she continued to kiss me. I rested my hands on her shoulders, then wrapped them around her neck to pull her closer. For the first time in my life I knew what I was like to be loved. 

          When she pulled away she reacted her forehead on mine,"Make me a promise?" 

          I opened my eyes, looking into her golden orbs,"What promise?"

          She simply answer,"Promise to be my princess and I'll be your prince".

I hope I did good with Yoruichi's character. Sorry if this was bad.

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