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This was requested by SinderDeath. I hope you like it.

*Your P.O.V.*  

         Ragyo Kiryuin. Chair of Honnōji Academy's board of directors. She made herself look perfect, special. I know the truth, though. She is none of those things. She is a lying, devious woman. I've seen what she is first hand and I'm not the only one who has seen it. Satsuki Kiryuin has seen it also. The only reason I saw it was because I was snooping around Satsuki's office and had to hide when the two of them came in. I heard everything that witch had to say to Satsuki. It was horrible. 

          "Earth to (Y/n)! Anyone in there?," Ryuko's voice brought me from my thoughts. I looked up to see her waving her hand in front of my face.

          I blushed at how close we were and stepped away from her,"S-sorry. I guess.. I just spaced out". I looked down at my feet hoping she wouldn't see me blush.

          Ryuko laughed lightly,"No need to be embarrassed, (n/n)(nickname). Anyways, I came to find you because class is starting soon. Are you coming?"

          I look at my watch and notice that we have five minutes to get to class,"Oh no! We're  going to be late!," without thinking I grabbed Ryuko's hand and started running as fast as possible to class. Before we could get far I ran into someone. It was the last person I would want to run into. 

          Her devilish smile sent shivers down my spine,"You two should really watch where you are going. You could have gotten.. hurt". Ragyo's voice faded when she was finished. Almost as if she wanted us to get hurt. I sent her a glare until Ryuko pulled me back, so I was behind her. 

          "Sorry. We'll be on our way before we are late for class," Ryuko immediately started to drag me away. I took a single look back at Ragyo to find her watching my every move with that same develish smile. I looked back at Ryuko, a little afraid to continue looking at Ragyo, and didn't look back.

*Time Skip*

          Ah! Class is finally over for the day. I can finally rest for the day and get everything off my mind. Ever since Ryuko and I saw Ragyo all that I can think about is why she was watching me. That horrible smile she gave as her devious eyes following my every move. Who doesn't she think she is? Too bad I can't actually say or ask anyone that. I'm too shy to even talk to Ryuko and she' says my best friend. I must be the lamest person around. 

          Once again I was dragged from my thoughts as I ran into someone. And let me tell you, I wish I never opened my eyes. In front of me stood, no other than, Ragyo Kiryuin. Her slinder body just inches from my own. 

          "Well, hello there," just like before her voice sent shivers up my spine. I was to scared to say anything or even move. Her hand reached up to touch my cheek,"You should really watch where you are going". Her soft pale hand gently caressed my cheek. Finally, I was able to take a step back and get away from her. She was clearly shocked, but smiled regardless. 

          Without saying another word she started to walk away until she turned back around, but when she started talking I couldn't make out a single word she was saying. Before I could blink, she was gone. 

          I instantly fell to my knees,"What just happened?," I barely managaed a whisper. I felt like I had been drained of all life and energy just by that single touch. If only everyone else knew how evil she truely was. Maybe then Ryuko wouldn't leave me alone just to be safe and keep me away from Ragyo. Well, might as well head home and hope to be left alone. 

*Time Skip again*

*Ragyo's P.O.V.* 

          "You will be mine," I whispered, ensuing she wouldn't hear me. I didn't want to wake her as I watched her sleeping face. 

*Your P.O.V.*

          Cold metal hit against my skin as my eyes fluttered open,"Where am I?," my voice came out tired and dull. 

          A hand as cold as the metal touched my cheek,"You're safe". I jumped away from the touch opening my eyes in hopes of seeing who was there. Ragyo was standing in front on my with her devious smile.

          "Wh-where am I? Let me go..!," I tried to break free of whatever was holding me back, but the cold metal only got tighter the more I struggled. 

          Ragyo pulled me into a hug, which I tried to resist, and tried to calm me,"Stop moving. The more you struggle the tighter the chains will get". She paused stepping away as I began to calm down. I was too scared to know what would happen if I didn't. Her voice broke the silence,"The chains wrapped around you are full of life fibers. That's why they get tighter".

          "What do you want from me?,"my voice was quiet and shallow, but pleaded to be set free. 

          "Oh (Y/n), I don't want anything FROM you. I want you,"I pushed myself as close to the surface, behind me, as I could get. I couldn't run away. I couldn't scream for help. I was trapped here and there was no way out. 

          Before I could say a single word Ragyo pressed her lips to mine. I couldn't pull away, but that didn't stop me from resisting her. I refused to kiss her back until she finally pulled away. All I could do was stare at her. I was too scared to talk or move. She didn't move far. I could see her, but I could feel her nose touching mine.

          "You will be mine," I could feel her hot breath on my face as she kissed me again. She pulled my hair lightly, but hard enough to cause me to gasp, which she took as an opportunity to slip her tongue into my mouth. This time I couldn't resist her, though. She was too strong and way to passionate. So, for the first time, I gave in and kissed her back. It was hard because I felt like I was betraying everyone, betraying Ryuko. I just felt so right.

*Time Skip to a few weeks later*

*Ryuko's P.O.V.* 

          There she was. After days, weeks of trying to find her, my new enemy stood in front of me. How could she do this? How could she?!

          "(Y/n)! Please you don't have to follow Ragyo anymore. Together we can make sure she never tries to take over the world! Please, just come back to me," I pleaded, but it was useless. 

          "Ragyo is my one and only now. I won't let you lay a hand on her. So, I suggest you leave or face me,"her eyes grew dark the more she spoke. She truely must hate me now.

          I had no words to say. Today is the day where I declare war on my horrid mother and my best friend. "Goodbye (Y/n). I'm sorry it had to end this way,"the last words one of would remember and the other would forget as she falls to her doom. I wish it could have been different, but now.. it's too late.

Sorry it took me so long to update, but here it is now. And I'll have a lot more for you soon.



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