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Suga pov
Today is going to be my important day.. I will married to Jihoo.. I ready at church and I saw Taejoon wearing blue dress short and tied her hair .. She was beautiful.. I can't get my eyes off her..

She smiled at me.. And I smiled back.. After that she look down and smile cry ..and the brides came.. I saw Jihoo and her father..

Time skip to dinner party

Taejoon pov
Yeah.. They finally married.. My crush and my best friend married.. I was happy and sad at the same time..

I wore this for the dinner party

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I wore this for the dinner party..

It's boring.. I decide to bring light to this party.. I knock the glass with spoon.. As attention all to me..

"Hello ladies and gentleman.. I am Kim Taejoon.. Best friend of the both our brides and groom.. Well.. I have speech.. Not that long.. So.. First of all.. I want to say to them.. Congratulations.. Be happy until u get ur child.. If u have a child.. Please let me take care of them.. " everybody chuckle.. I love to make them chuckle..

"Well.. For this party.. Let's lit up a dance.. A lit dance actually.. He he.. " I said that and everyone start dancing .. I start to cough.. And go to restroom as soon as posibble..

I cried so bad and make my heart hurts.. I hold my chest.. It's hurt.. Seems like everybody have fun out there.. I cough and.. I just saw blood..


All went black..

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