~4~Nick Darling.~

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Jaden's pov

I was at Gryffindor table,I couldn't stay focused long enough to speak to anybody. I did make a new friend,his names Nick.

''Jaden? Earth to Violet?''He waved and I blinked,

''Hi. Sorry.''I flushed in embarrassment.

''Its okay,is something troubling you?''He asked and I nodded slightly.

''Follow me,''We both snuck out of the dining hall and we ended up in the tower,sitting.

''Talk to me sister.''Nick sat.

''Well since I'm you know what,I've been getting bullied because of it. And I told Malfoy--''I went on.

''Well that was already a mistake.''Nick grumbled,

''He's not that bad of a guy,Nick!''We argued.

''SHUT IT!''A Ghost walked by and we stuck our tounges out at it as it turned the opposite direction.

''He told Blaise and Theo,then they told EVERYBODY.''I clenched my fists.

''Pineapple.''Nick grabbed my hand and I took a deep breath.

Oh,if I didn't add,since of my anger problems,Nick and I came up with a word to make me remember to calm down.

''Thanks..''I mumbled quietly.

Draco's pov

Once everybody was eating,my gaze flickered from Weaselbee,Mudblood,Potter,and Riddle. They were all talking while Jaden was glaring at me,anger and pain filled her green eyes. We gazed deep into eachother before someone messed it up.

''Dracy are you even listening to me?!''Pansy smacked me and I looked at her.

''No.''I glanced away and kept gazing at Jaden. The Slytherin table roared with laughter and Pansy pouted.

Riddles guy friend was staring at her with concern. I don't like her though. She can date whoever she pleases. I don't like her. She's a stupid half blood. Nick and I were pretty good friends I guess. He sat there,bored. We took our robes off because it was 100 degrees in here.


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Nicks pov { c; }}

I sat there at Slytherin table,gazing at Jaden with concern. She wasn't acting like herself. I was worried,I'll admit. I'm a damn Slytherin and I can't fall in love with my best friend. She's the cursed child of Tom Riddle,Harry's Little Sister,Possibly a future Death Eater, But she's impossible to deal with. She's stubborn as a brat.

''What's wrong?''I mumbled in her ear.

''Nothing..''She whispered and I shrugged slightly and left the girl alone. I realized Draco was staring at me. Mumbling something as Pansy kept annoying him to death;

''And stupid little crazy physcopath here tried kissing my Dracy. And she's a Riddle! No wonder nobody can solve her ugly mess.''Pansy went on.

''Hey Parkinson,how about you shut it?''Jaden shot Pansy a glare.

''What are you gonna do about it?''She laughed.

''Hey Parkinson,Back off.''I spoke up,my gaze hardening. I wasn't going to let her get bullied but everybody like this.

''How about you make her,Darland?''Draco wrapped his arm around Pansy,smirking.

''Oh Malfoy..''I got up,hissing.

''Oh Darling.''Draco stood,everybody turning to look at the horrible fight.

Jaden's pov

''Nick,ignore them.''I mumbled and he ignored me.

''You call yourself a friend of Jaden's? I think you're just jealous that she doesn't like you Pal.''Nick crossed his arms.

''I'm not Jealous of that disgusting half blood. No wonder her parents left her ass!''Draco snapped.

Nicks pov

Oh,he went way to far right there. Everybody laughed and me and Draco glanced at Where Jaden was sitting,it was a blur as you looked near the enterance and she ran,Harry glared at Draco,Ron and Hermione having to distract and hold him down. I ran after her,and caught up surprisingly and pulled her to the side.

''Shh..''I covered her mouth as tears fell down her pink cheeks,DumbleDore and Snape and Mcgonagall and all them were chasing some Death Eaters I would guess and I let go of her,I grabbed both her hands,we were gazing deep into eachother.

''You're fine. Draco is just a big snobbish evil brat..''I spat and she hugged me tightly.

I was falling for my best friend. This isn't good because is Malfoy does really like her. I will be the one who gets her. Not HIM.

Draco's pov

Even if I was falling for that stupid half blood. It wouldn't be good because Darland likes her. If I do like her?i will be the one who gets her,not HIM.

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