Chapter 08: Cold

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"All right, so what the hell am I going to have to do?" Greg asked.

He'd found an infopad and a radio and was now standing before the terminal he'd been talking with Volker through earlier. He was in a bad fucking mood. Now that the power was back on, it was getting warmer, and his body was coming back online.

And fuck did it hurt.

He just hoped there wasn't any kind of damage from the cold.

"First, set the radio to frequency echo and punch the red button four times, with one second pauses between each press," Volker replied.

Greg sighed and looked over the little earpiece. He found a spin-wheel on the back and rotated it to Echo, then hit the button four times, slowly.

" isn't working," he said after a moment.

"Did you remember to turn it on?" Volker replied.

Greg heaved a sigh and activated the radio, then repeated the process.

"Not exactly too bright, are you?"

"Oh go fuck yourself, Volker. I'm dead on my feet, freezing, starving, and in a lot of pain," Greg snapped as he slipped the earpiece in.

"Fair enough. Now, let me test it..." The voice from the terminal was suddenly coming from the earpiece. "Can you hear me?"

"Yeah, I hear you. Now what?"

"Good. Now, turn on the infopad and plug it into the terminal. I'll upload schematics and codes for the base. And make sure you turn on its wireless function, so I can update it on the fly. Lots of things need doing before we can all get out of here."

"Fine," Greg grumbled, doing as he was told. He waited until the infopad let out a short chime. "Is it done?"

"Yes, it's finished."

He retrieved the pad and checked over the information that was being displayed now. It was a large, topographical map of the facility. Apparently it was called Polaris Station. It was divided up into five different buildings, each conveniently labeled. Apparently, he was in Building Alpha. Unfortunately, he didn't know which was what right now. The buildings were arranged in a diamond shape around the central building.

"Okay, I've got the map, now what?"

"You're headed towards the reactor, which is that one in the center, Building Bravo. It's about a three minute walk and the weather has cleared up somewhat out there...for now. That storm is still on the way and we don't have much time."

"I don't suppose there's any kind of cold weather gear around here, is there? Or guns? Ammo? Fucking anything I can use?"

"Uh...there should be at least something in a storage closet in the garage. In the northwest corner. As for guns, well...I should be able to guide you to some once you are actually in Building Bravo. Until then, I'm sorry, I don't have anything."

"Of course," Greg muttered, turning and hurrying over to the door the man had indicated. He got to it, opened it up and looked inside. It was a supply closet that had mostly been cleared out, but he did spy some gear: gloves, goggles, a ski-mask and basic leggings and a coat. Well, it would have to do. He hurriedly pulled the stuff on over his jumpsuit, taking a moment to readjust his gear, then turned and headed back to Drake.

"All right, I'm off to fix the reactor and do whatever else Doctor Asshole tells me to do. Lock this place down and keep an eye on Eric," he said.

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