Chapter 07: Crash

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The man was following him, but he looked strained and pale.

They had to get inside fast.

Outside, it was brutally cold, definitely way below freezing. Greg kept his pistol in hand and led the way around the side of the ship, making progress towards the front of it. The snow was deep, maybe a foot of it, and they had to slowly kick their way through it. There was a storm in progress, snow falling from the skies in thick sheets, dropping their visibility down to maybe twenty feet. Well, that meant that the building was really close at least. Eric had done a fantastic job landing them both close to the colony and without getting them killed.

Greg reached the front of the ship, already breathing heavily from having to kick through the snow, the icy air burning his lungs. He looked around as he thought he heard something, another sound briefly rising above the shrieking of the winds. Raising his pistol, hoping that his shivering wouldn't throw off his aim too bad, Greg scanned the immediate area. He couldn't see anything, so he took a few more steps forward, away from the nose of the ship. Still nothing, and he could see the building ahead of them, just at the edge of his visual range.

"Almost there!" Greg called, and began kicking his way through the snow.

He'd made it maybe five feet when he suddenly heard Drake scream "On your six!" and he spun around, pistol raised.

A Mutant had crawled on top of the ship and had gotten down to the ruined nose of the vessel. About the time Greg noticed, it had gotten into position and was leaping for him. Cursing, he managed to get off a single shot and then had to throw himself out of the way. A fresh wave of dull pain rolled through him as he hit the snowy ground and he heard a thud as the Mutant hit a second later. Thankfully, as he scrambled to his feet, he didn't hear the Mutant doing the same. Looking at it, he saw that he'd hit it dead on in the chest.

Well, lucky shot.

More growling came to him from somewhere nearby.

"Let's move!" he screamed, scanning the area and providing cover while Drake hurried forward as fast as he could, which wasn't terribly fast given the snow and the weight he was carrying. He kept looking around, keeping watch, until Drake had made it about halfway there, then he started moving forward again.

The next attack came seconds later.

A pair of dark figures were lurching out of the snowstorm from the right, growing and apparently having no problem kicking through the snow.

"Keep going!" Greg shouted as he raised his pistol.

Cursing the cold, trying to keep from trembling, he squeezed the trigger. The first shot missed both of them cleanly. Gritting his teeth, locking his muscles down, he aimed carefully and fired again. This one clipped one of them in the neck and caused it to stop briefly. Greg tried to take advantage of the now unmoving target and fired a third time. This time he hit his mark, putting a shot right through the center of its chest.

Okay, one down, one to go.

Greg tossed a glance towards Drake and Eric. Drake was nearly to the structure. Good. He aimed carefully at the second Mutant. It was closer now, but not close enough. He kept his aim as steady as he could, waiting for it to get closer so he'd have a bigger target. Once it was within five feet, he fired, embarrassed at having to wait until the target was this close in order to hit it, but goddamn, he was freezing!

The second Mutant went down as its chest was pierced.

"Thank fuck," Greg whispered, looking around again, then turning and hurrying through the snow. Drake had disappeared through a door in the structure. Greg pushed himself, feeling his energy being sapped by the immense cold, and finally, after what felt like way too long, stumbled through the open doorway. He stayed upright just long enough to close and lock the door behind him, then confirm that the area was safe, and then he collapsed to his hands and knees.

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