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Five members returned safely with lots of plastic bags. Guanlin immediately placed the bags on the counter and knocks on the bedroom door where Jihoon is locking himself in. "Hyung!! Open up, I want to sleep!" He whines, knocking the door countless of times. "Hyuuuuuung~" he kept pestering his sulking hyung until Jisung went towards him and pulls the maknae towards the couch.

"Sleep there. Your piggy hyung is sulking." Jisung said and taps Guanlin's head. "BUT I WANT A BED!!" He whines even more making Jisung's face turn into a frown. "Nevermind..." he added before laying down comfortably.

Meanwhile, the other members are having a fight in the kitchen since they all want to cook. Jaehwan and Sungwoon stopped Daehwi from joining in since he might burn the kitchen and it'll be very dangerous for all of them.

"But I want to cook!! I'm a good cook!!" He pushed his tiny body between Daniel and Seongwoo. "Let me cooooook!!" Jisung, again grabbed the younger's shirt away from the busy chefs.

"We don't want to die yet Daewhi-ah." He said before joining the others. "It was better when you were only bullying Jihoon hyung." Daehwi mumbles as he leans his back on the pillar. "I HEARD THAT!" Jihoon shouts on Daehwi's ear, crossing his arms.

"Oh hyung? You're done sulking?" Jinyoung asked as soon as he enters the kitchen, walking towards Daehwi who's now covering his ears while squatting on the floor. "Are you okay?" Jinyoung squats infront of the boy while Jihoon rolled his eyes at what he is seeing.

"It's all your fault you know. I look so easy!!" He frowns even more making Jinyoung and Guanlin who's now looking at his hyungs 'cute quarrel' laugh out loud.

"I know you're difficult Piggy hyung" Guanlin entered their little conversation.

"Stop copying them! I'm not fat! I'm losing weight." Jihoon said

"HAH! Continue dreaming Jihoon-ah~" Jisung joins too.

Jihoon gives up and walks towards the plastic bags which contains lots of beverages and pulls out two cans of soda then he sat beside Guanlin who's now awake because of the noise.

"Here." He shoves the can onto Guanlin's chest, avoiding the younger's bright smile towards him. "That doesn't mean anything okay?" Guanlin nodded quickly.

"AND LET ME TELL YOU GUYS, I'M DIETING STARTING TODAY!" Jihoon shouted, purposely letting his hyungs hear his voice.

"Waaaah~ The meat looks so delicious!!!" Jaehwan teased again.

Seongwoo slapped Jaehwan's arm playfully while laughing. "YOU GUYS ARE NOT EVEN HEATING THE PAN YET!!" they heard the younger shout again.


The two continued to sit on the floor in the kitchen and Daehwi's trying to gain their attention and let him help with the food but sadly, only Jinyoung's paying attention to him.

"They won't let you cook no matter what Daehwi. Let's sit on the couch or just rest in our room?" Jinyoung suggested before standing up while gripping Daehwi's wrist gently. "Stand up" He added and since Daehwi is obedient, he follows his hyung willingly.

They both walked towards the room and closes it immediately, preventing their members from coming in.

Daehwi immediately jumps onto the bed and reaches for Jinyoung's travel bag, pulling out a blanket his hyung always brings. He then covers his body with his hyung's blanket, sniffing it throughly.

"Yup. It really smells like the coat YOU left earlier." He says, staring at Jinyoung who's sitting on the corner of the bed. "And you made Jihoon hyung lie. You have this blanket too. You could've just used this. And you were freezing because of me. What a bad example hyung." He sticks his tongue out and tried to kick Jinyoung but unfortunately for him, Jinyoung's trapping his ankles between his arm and leg.

"Jihoon hyung suggested it. And you'll know it's mine if I use my blanket." The older replied before laying down beside the smaller, hugging him protectively close. "Anyway Daehwi. I already said sorry didn't I? Why did you took so long to notice my presence again?" He asked while caressing Daehwi's arm.

"You've gotten so close to Jihoon hyung." Daehwi mumbled while Jinyoung was trying to figure out if that was an answer or a statement. "I would know if I smelled it Jinyoung. I know your scent very well and Jihoon hyung lied to me and made me upset because I was thinking you really was sticking onto him like a glue because of the perfume." Daehwi added, pouting his lips.

Jinyoung hides his face on Daehwi's shoulder, Hiding his smiles from the younger. "You— you're really incredible. You didn't forgive me earlier because you think I've forgotten about you since I always stick with Jihoon hyung?" Daehwi nodded and pouts even more.

"It's not my fault.. you know i was sulking and you chose to let me sulk alone!!" He whines again and uses his elbow to nudge Jinyoung's chest.

"Don't move... i can't hold on any longer..."

"Hyung!! Let me see..."

"Don't be too noisy Guanlin..."

"Shhhh— they'll hear us!"

"Then stop shouting Seongwoo hyung..."

Daehwi looked at where the noise was coming from and immediately/accidentally kicked Jinyoung's poor balls.

"ACKKKKK—haistttt—-" Jinyoung covered his most precious buddy down there, wheezing from the pain he is feeling.

"OMO!! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!?" Daehwi sat down, covering his body with the blanket.

Minhyun kicked Jae hwan's butt which made them all fall on the floor, opening the door widely. "They're stalking obviously, and left me with tons of dishes" Minhyun said.

"Dam— DAEHWI!!" Jinyoung yelled as soon as the boys fixed themselves.

"H-hyung- I'M SORRY! I was startled..." Daehwi rests both of his hands on top of Jinyoung's hands that are covering his crotch.

The members looked at them at awe. Other members were whispering and laughing. "Were you two doing something?" Jisung said while laughing, covering his mouth.

Daehwi glared at all of them and signals them to leave. "You're both too young kids. Don't do something foolish." Seongwoo advices before leaving the room.

"YOU'RE THE ONE WITH A DIRTY MIND!!" Daehwi replied with a loud voice.

"It was your fault.. you were holding the blanket up to your neck like you were caught having sexual intercourse with the person who probably won't impregnate someone in the future." Daniel teased the younger members again.

Daehwi rolled his eyes and throws his slippers irritatedly. "They always want to make fun of the maknae line!!' Jinyoung laughed out loud while his arm sneakily wrapped around Daehwi's waist, pulling him down beside him again. "Let them be."

——— 🌸

Guanlin started to play with his phone with Jihoon again. They are playing VS games and Guanlin is the winner always. The hot headed kid today was so mad that he almost broke the screen.

"I'll win this time Maknae-ah~" he said sweetly, distracting the younger.

And it worked... Guanlin was now staring at his hyung's amazing visuals. How can a man be this cute? He thought to himself and smiles secretly.

"OHAAAA I WOOOON" Jihoon jumped on the couch up and down, bouncing nonstop. "Hey!! Get down from there Jihoon-ah!" Jisung yelled from the kitchen.

Jihoon followed their mom's brutal instructions and then winked at Guanlin who's running away from embarrassment. "Hyung is so good" He mumbles making the other tint his cheeks pink.

"Another love story" Woojin looked at the other two maknaes. "I'll be partnered with myself forever if this goes on. It'll be the doom of Wanna One. Tsk tsk"


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