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I sprint to the bathroom and find it occupied. Of course. Just my luck. I run around to the back of the building. I lean against the wall and let the tears fall out of my eyes.

How could he? We had broken up not even 2 months ago and he already has a girlfriend?!? I know that we aren’t together anymore and I shouldn’t care, but I do! I still love him! I have been trying to get over him but I can’t. What am I gonna do?

I slide down the wall, brought my knees up and buried my face in them. I let my hair fall over my face. My dress was soaked with my tears. I felt a tap on my shoulder and hesitantly looked up.

There stood an extremely hot guy, probably in his 20s. He had short, spiky, black hair that looked perfect with his skin tone. Because of his skin tight shirt, I could see his muscles.

“Hey, are you ok?” He politely asks.

More tears pore out of my eyes. “Do I look ok?”

He sits down next to me and puts his arm around me. “It’s ok. If you need to vent or get anything out. You can tell me. I won’t comment. I will just leave you to the talking.”

I look at him and smile. “Thanks, but I’m sure you don’t want to listen to me ramble on about my family and boyfriend problems.”

“I will if you want to talk about it.” He said sympathetically.

“Ok. Which should I talk about first?”

“Whichever one you want.” He smiled. Wow, he was so nice. I wish I had a boyfriend like that. I wonder if he is single. Wait Chloe, concentrate. I will tell him about Matt first.

“Well my boyfr-.”

“Do you want to go somewhere else to talk? Like, a hotel?”

“Sure. That would be nice.” He pulled me up and I wiped my tears. He leads me to the car and opens the door for me.

“By the way, my name is Logan.”

“Well nice to meet you Logan. I am Chloe.”

“Well Chloe, you seem like you are in a better mood. And you will feel even better after hanging out with me.” He smiles. Wow, his teeth are very white. His smile is gorgeous.

“Cocky much?” I said jokingly.

“You know I could always drop you off on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.” He states.

“Ok, I’m sorry Logan.”

“It’s ok Chlo.” He smirks.

“Oh, so I already have a nickname?”

“Yup!” Logan said popping the P.

I laugh and dial Spencer’s number.

“Hey Spence.”

“Oh my god Chloe! Where the hell are you? We were so worried about you! We looked everywhere!” Spencer practically screamed into the phone.

“I got a taxi back to the hotel. Don’t worry. I’m fine. I will explain when you get back. K?”

“Ok. But don’t scare me like that ever again.”

“Ok mom! Bye.” I joked!

“I’m not a chick!”

“I know. I know. Calm down. See you later.” I say.

“Bye cuz.” Spencer says as he hangs up.

I put my iPhone in my pocket and turn to look at Logan. He notices that I looked at him and he says, “You’re such a liar.”

“What did I do?” I ask innocently.

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