"Understood," the man spoke, his deep voice muffled through the mask that he wore.

Stupid, who was she calling stupid, the bloody backstabbing-

I inhaled a sharp breath and held my mouth with clasped hands, footsteps came closer. I could hear the shuffling of the man's clothing as he walked towards the bar, his concealed eyes focusing around the area, looking around and under. He craned his neck to the side and pushed a few bottles around. I jumped at the sound of glass crashing down the floor.

"Idiot," Reina's voice shrilled through the air, "be careful with what you're touching, we don't want him to think anyone was snooping around.

"Sorry boss," the voice mumbled back.

"Just leave it, check around carefully." She scoffed and I could see her flip her hair back in annoyance.

I sighed slowly, pushing myself against the back of the cabinet. I hoped to not make any sounds though I could have sworn the guy looked at my direction.

Crap, crap, holy crap!

My hands began to tremble over my mouth as he turned his body around, ever so swift and careful, the man looked around his surroundings as he slowly made his way towards where I was. God, if he sees me now, I am done for.

I worried over the possibilities of my demise; gun shot to the head, tortured by the evil fiancee or worse . . .

I shook my head gently and laced my fingers over my mouth. He was getting closer, the shadow of his figure covering the holes as I could hear him breathing through his mask. He shuffled his gun around, as though to free his hand.

"Leave the cabinet alone," Reina shouted across the room.

I held my breath and shut my eyes tight, at the voices outside. I couldn't see a thing, I didn't want to see.

I could hear her heels hitting against the carpet, even if it did shroud the sound, she would show her presence through her stomping. They moved closer to where this man was, who seemed now just a few feet away.

"You really think Darius is naive enough to hide such an important document in this shabby cabinet." She scoffed once again and chuckled, "too easy."

"A-are you sure?" The man asked.

"You know I don't like to repeat myself."

I rolled my eyes at how important she felt she was.

"S-sorry ma'am- boss." The man stuttered.

"Good, now come on there doesn't seem to be much of anything in here. I guess he doesn't trust anyone to leave such documents lying around in the office and especially in his state at the moment."

"What shall we do then?" Henchman one returned by her side, "the office at the back is also cleared. We only found a bunch of chocolates and snacks, nothing else."

I bit down on my bottom lip, they better not have touched any of my stash.

Reina sighed, "fine that should be all for now," I caught her turning on her heels and waving a hand down. "I need to get back to Mr. Borisov anyway, make sure you go out discreetly, we do not want anyone to know of this. 

"Very well boss."

I heard the footsteps leave, though I was certain they were still lingering around. So I stayed in the cabinet for a few more minutes.

I sighed, pushed a sweaty palm over my forehead.

What was happening?

First the proposal, then the assassination attempt and now this double crossing woman who wanted this file. I held the folder close to me, though I never did check to see what was inside it. It wasn't my business after all, but still . . .

I pushed my glasses forward and made my way out of the cabinet. With the blue folder staring right back at me, my hands hesitated over it. I know it had nothing to do with me, and the whole ordeal with Darius was just ridiculous, but I couldn't allow an innocent man be taken by such a woman.

Regardless of what type of person he was, a brute at times, yet still human. I'd hate it if the person I loved did something like that to me. I wouldn't dare think Xavier to do such a thing, but if he did, it would break my heart.

I've only known him for just over a month, but I am glad to have met him. I mean what guy offers to buy a woman some shoes when they have only met- and that at such an expensive place. But even so since we have met and have been talking on the phone, he has made me feel quite happy. Especially when there are times when Darius is being stubborn or acts upon his own ways, hearing Xavier's voice can be relaxing.

I sighed and blew a raspberry, pushing strands of my fringe away.

Somehow I kinda wanted to tell Xavier, since he would perhaps know what I should do, but another part of me thinks I should not disclose any information about Darius to him. Knowing the latter, he would probably get mad that I went to someone he wasn't very friendly with.

I clenched my fists and thought again, maybe Amanda could help.

"But I don't want to upset her," I mumbled to myself.

Then again she has never really liked Reina and I might just cause World War III between the two of them. I scratched the back of my head, "argh what am I to do?"

Look inside the folder, is what the voice in my head is saying, don't be such an idiot is what the other is replying. Well I'll look inside and not be an idiot, how about that brain?

Ignoring my own silly comments, I opened the contents of the folder.

"Wait isn't this . . . ?"

I bit down on my lip as I flipped through the pages, most of the jargon I didn't really understand, but the general idea was clear. I had to give this to Darius along with a million questions.

Though I still wasn't sure if I should tell him about Reina.


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