Danger, Danger

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I managed to find the file, though I was put into yet another predicament. Honestly, with the luck I had you would be surprise I wasn't in jail or kidnapped . . . then again living with my boss against my own will is kinda . . .

I sighed, though I hope I didn't make any sounds.

As I was about to leave Darius' office, I heard a few noises coming from outside. Though there wasn't anything wrong in me being there, after all I had permission, but peeking through the door, a group of men dressed in some kinda of vested uniform entered the corridor.

Again, I shouldn't have been worried.

Then again, these men were dressed like they were from the army. Their faces were covered, but more importantly each and every one of them had a bloody gun in their hand.


"Crap," I muttered under my breath and hid behind the door.

What did they want, I wondered. I clenched a hand around my chest, coaxing my heart to stop beating so erratically. Already, I could feel the cold sweat forming on my forehead as I thought of the worst. Were they here for me? Are they the same people from that event?

"Oh God," I whispered, a knot appearing in the back of my throat.

"I have to do something, anything." I whimpered, flaying my hands in the air.

The footsteps grew closer, as my heart began to beat louder.

I frantically looked around, though the room was rather open and minimally decorated. I bit down on my bottom lip --damn you Darius and your simple style-- there was the bar situated at the back of the room . . .

"No, they would still find me." I shook my head and clenched a fist, whilst the other held the folder.

"Ah come on Eli," I told myself as the voices came closer.

"The office is just ahead!" A man shouted, "let's just get this over with and hurry!"

I inhaled a sharp sigh and quickly tip toed towards the filing cabinet. I wasn't a large woman, nor was I small, so crouching inside was quite the struggle. I quickly shuffled some of the papers and sat down beside a pile of folders I had just rummaged through not too long ago.

Closing the door, I sighed.

It was cramped and the air began to grow warm, stifling me as I waited for this muddle to end.

The door opened, I flinched. They barged in as the marching of their boots muffled through the soft carpet. I was able to see through a few holes in the design of the door, though it also made me grow anxious; fear I would be found.

Come on, can't anyone see through the camera!

"It seems to be clear." Henchman one said.

"Check around, the file must be here somewhere," henchman two replied.

"Make sure you do a thorough search, knowing Darius he has probably hid the file in a place where we would least suspect it to be."

That voice!

Reina strut in with her ever so high heels, and looking all the more immaculate than usual. What was she doing here, I widened my eyes in disbelief. Why was she here with these men and especially with those guns.

She waltz in as though she owned the damn place and used her calculating eyes to search around. She pointed at the desk, "check the drawers." Whilst pointing towards the bar to another, "over there," and lastly she sent another outside. "There's a small office at the back, it's usually used my his stupid assistant, but check it anyway, you never know what we may find in there."

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