Niall's POV

I can't believe she just did that. She cheated in a no blinking contest. She ran away before I could tackle her. "Let's split up in groups. Harry and Louis check the 3rd floor. Zayn and Liam check this floor and Emma let's go second floor." We all left to our assigned spots. I followed Emma up the stairs. We checked numerous closets and different rooms. We got to the second to last room and split. sHe went into th last room and I went into the workout room.  I creaked the door open and examined the room. It had an elliptical, a treadmill, 2 purple yoga matts and a exercise ball and a few weights. The only place that she could be is in the bathroom.

Avery's POV

The bathroom door opened. This bathroom is a full bath and I was hiding in the shower. I heard heavy footsteps and the curtain was ripped open. I screamed and covered my eyes peaking them open to see Nialler. A smile crept on my face as I realized that my idol was standing right in front of me.

"What are you smiling about love?" He asked with an even bigger smile than mine.  I shook my head not going to tell him. "Well you asked for it..." I was confused until he picked me up over his shoulder. I tried squirming, but he just tightened his grip on me, so I stopped. I looked over his shoulder to see Emma walking out of the pool. 

"Emma help me!" I shouted reaching my arms out to her. She shook her head laughing.  "You traitor!" I yelled at her. "Nialler can youpretty pretty please with a cherry on top let me down."

"You want to get down?"


"Well that won't be happening anytime soon."


"This is fun."

"For you," I mumbled and he chuckled. I thought we were going to go downstairs, but instead we walked upstairs. Emma called all of the boys names and Liam and Zayn came to us, but not the other two. When they saw me they shook their heads and laughed. Niall had his arms wrapped around the back of my knees and lower thighs, my chest was by his shoulder and my head rested on my arms. I closed my eyes and waited to get there. We came to a halt seconds later.  "Can you put me down now?" I whined.  He nodded and put me down. 

"Does anyone know where Harry and Louis is?" Liam asked.

"Nope" I said popping the p. I laid down in a x formation and sighed. I sat back up, "Why don't we look for them. If you guys split up to find me we should do the sa-"

I stopped taking and looked over in the direction of my closet door. Very slowly It started to open and Louis' voice started to speak, "Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats for the Louis and Harry fashion show brought to you by Avery's closet!"

I face palmed myself as music started to play and we made a clear path for a runway. An amused Harry and Louis came out of the closet in my maxi dresses and sweaters. An idea came to my head, "why don't we have a fashion contest?"

"Avery I remember when we did that with dress up when we were younger!"  Emma said jumping up

"What is a fashion contest?" Zayn asked.

"It is when you have to dress up in clothes that are under the topic that we choose." I explain.

"We have to make teams!" Emma said.

"Ya,  who wants to be the judge to make it even? And we can switch after three rounds," I ask looking at the five confused boys.

"I guess I will be the judge," Liam said after  quick silence.

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