Chapter-6 Sleepover pt - 1

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Jinhee's pov

It was.....JIMIN!!! I was shocked to see him he changed a ALOT

I turned to look at jayhee and I was not at all surprise to see her expression...her eyes widened when she saw jimin and after some sec she started blushing

"H-hi jinhee and j-jayhee"...jimin stuttered and I know he probably must be thinking why did he even stutter...

"Hi"..I said and smiled

"H-hi"jayhee said

Jayhee and jimin stared into each others eyes for so long time and I felt was really awkward for me to stand here so I decided to brake their eye contact and just leave

Me - *cough* *cough*

I fake coughed and they both broke eye contact...atlast I sighed

??? - YAH!!! JIMIN!!!

Someone shouted jimin's name and we looked at the person


I thought it's going to be more awkward between so I dragged jayhee out

Jayhee's pov

Me and jimin made eye contact for so long and I felt like the world had stopped

He changed alot he is more handsome now I squealed

I was still making eye contact with jimin but that pabo jinhee interfiered tch idiot

Jinhee - *cough* *cough*

I looked at jinhee and before I could say anything someone shouted jimin's nams

Taehyung - YAH!!! JIMIN!!!

I looked at him he too changed alot...not only him but other BTS members too woah m (jung)shooked

Before taehyung could aproach us jinhee held my arm and dragged me out of the mall

I was thinking about jimin but snapped out when jinhee called me

Me - what...I said little bit of irritated with a soft shout

Jinhee - woman chill I know u were thinking about jimin...I was thinking will u come to my and jungkook's house for sleepover??

I thought for a sec and then nodded my head she started jumping like a kid and I just chuckled

Jinhee's pov

I asked jayhee for sleepover at my and jungkook's house and she said yes

Actually I don't want to live with that jerk alone so I decided to ask jayhee for the's not like m using jayhee becuz I don't want to live with that jungkook guy okay kekeke

At home

We both reached home after 25 min...I was having spare keys to home so I opened the door from my key and got in

Jayhee gasped when we entered the house

Jayhee - WOW!!! ur house is so beautiful...she said still looking over the house

Me - yeah yeah...I said and chuckled at her cutness

I took her to my room and we chit chat

After few min we heared knock on the door I looked at jayhee and she forrowed her eyebrows

Me - it must be jungkook I said and she rolled her eyes

I went near the door and opened it

Me - wht u want jungkook..I asked raising my eyebrow and crossing my arms on my chest

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