How to Successfully Stalk the Author

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I realized recently that I do a terrible job at keeping my readers in the loop on my social accounts and how to reach me outside of Wattpad, so I'm just gonna real quick give you all the info you need to stalk me on the interwebs, for those of you interested. I also post updates, giveaway info, snippets, etc. on some of these, so it'll be a little different than what you see here and be more efficient than trying to find Wattpad notifications through email. Anywho...

Find me on Facebook as: The Real Bailey Elizabeth
Find me on Prose as: baileyelizabeth
Find me on Pinterest as: belizabeth0
Find me on Twitter as: BElizabeth0
Find me on Instagram as: baileywritesbooks
Now on Goodreads as author: Bailey Elizabeth

I will warn you, I'm not a social media expert, but I'm doin' my best :D

So yeah.

Hope you're all having wonderful days!


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