Chapter 16 - you have to go

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Kai POV:
It was 5:00 in the morning but like Suho said we had to be up early, I went and got myself dressed ready for breakfast. once I was already I went to go wake up y-n, walking in her back was closest to the door and so I gently went and sat on her bed, carefully nudging her to wake up "y-n come on you got to get up" I laughed a little when she just tried to sink deeper into the pillow "we need go get some breakfast" I nudged her again gently and she nodded her head a little "yes Kai" she spoke quietly and fluttered her eyes open. I waited until she sat up and moved her legs over the side of the bed "why are we up so early".

Once she was up and dressed in the outfit I had left it for her, we walked to the dining room I walked in front and she followed behind. Everybody was already at the table eating and chatting so we both went and sat down at our places at the table. I gave y-n a piece if buttered bread i  only gave her a small piece. so she didn't get sick after not eating, I then served myself my own breakfast.

Walking back to my room i told y-n to sit on my bed, she did as she was told while I packed my rucksack. I told her it was time to go but she didn't move "k-Kai I don't want to go" she cried "you have to" I sternly said "I'm not going anywhere" she tried to prey of my grip on her but to use I just held on tighter on her waist "no get of I'm not going anywhere with you" I still held on to her as tight as I could, I grabbed the black hoodie with my other hand and turned y-n around to face me. I shoved the hoodie over her head and pulled it down so she had it on properly, once on fully the hoodie drowned her, it went past the her skirt in length but still looked adorable.

Kai POV:
I looked her in the eyes when I had turned her around "Kai please let me go home I promise I won't tell anyone" she cried to me "please I want to go home" her tears kept pouring from her eyes, as I was staring at her intensely my bedroom door opened "Kai are you even coming" I looked towards the door to find an impatient looking Suho spoke, he then looked towards y-n who I had moved from out of my grasp and was crouching on the floor still crying "do you want some help" Suho spoke softly again, I nodded my head once and he came more into the room closing the door softly behind his "come on y-n the others are waiting" Suho crouched down in front of her and I followed "I had a family" she sobbed quietly "I want to go back to them" me an Suho looked at each other "please just let me go" i took her hands and slowly stood up  bringing her up with me all while Suho took my bags "come on" I said carefully
"no please don't make me go" Suho walked back into the room.

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