Chapter 7

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It was still in the dead of the night,30 minutes after Sakuya had kidnapped Mahiru and Licht. So,it was 12:30 right now.

Tsubaki didn't seem to mind the kidnapping, neither did Otogiri.

For Tsubaki,as long as his mate,Sakuya, was happy and content,he would gladly and willingly obliterate a whole city just for him.

Otogiri's case is somehow like Tsubaki's.

As long as her master -Tsubaki-,who saved her life by turning her into a subclass and an Alpha,was happy,she would willingly kill for him.

And as long as Tsubaki's mate,Sakuya,was happy, she would also do anything for him too.

She had grown close to him,and she was happy when she saw Tsubaki and Sakuya happy together.

She was currently carrying a Housewife and an Angel-Wannabe with strings while wearing her nurse uniform.

She said to Sakuya that if she could carry a magician that had an entire box accompanied with swords in his hat, she could definitely carry a Housewife and an Angel-Wannabe.

Sakuya turned to Tsubaki and questioned him what he taught her.

Tsubaki just shrugged in response.

The cool wind brushed past them.It created some air-resistance,but they kept going on,regardless on how cold it was.

Mahiru grumbled awake quietly,so did Licht.The cold breeze of the air stirred them awake.

They blinked thrice,and glanced around. Why was the air so cold..? They made sure to close the windows,right..?

Only when they realised that they weren't in their rooms,did they be alarmed and their senses woke up.

Their eyes widened,and they looked at each other. They noticed that they were bundled up by strings, and both looked around in desperation.

Were they being kidnapped?!

And it was the day they would be marked too!

  "WHAT THE-?!" Licht cried out,and the three 'Kidnappers' widened their eyes.They stopped while on the roof of a building,and stared at the two awakened 'Eves'.

  When Sakuya snapped his head around,both Mahiru and Licht were shocked.

  "Sakuya?!" Mahiru yelled.

  "M-Mahiru..You're awake.." Sakuya stammered, and Tsubaki hid a sigh with his sleeve that was connected to his yukata.

  "Of course we are!What the hell are you doing?! And where are you taking us?!Bring us back, damn it!" Licht snarled,and Tsubaki shook his head.

  Tsubaki sighed,"Ah..and we were already close to the mansion too.."

  "What mansion?!" Mahiru questioned them,and Otogiri asked,"What shall we do,Sakuya-San, Tsubaki-San?"

  "Sakkun. Forgive me for this,I think that I'll have to inflict a bit of pain onto the both of them," Tsubaki apologised,and Sakuya raised an eyebrow at that.

  He nonetheless nodded,so did Tsubaki,in acknowledgement.

   Tsubaki walked towards the two,and the both of them tried to back away,but got restrained by the strings bundling them.

  Within a blink of an eye,Tsubaki was suddenly behind them both.He delivered a sharp pain to their napes with the back of his hand,and their visions blacked out.

  They dropped to the ground unconscious,and Sakuya sighed,"Couldn't you have been more gentle with them?They're my friends.Especially Mahiru,he was the one who found me in the first place."

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