Chapter 66

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And oh, I have to warn you, there will be a scene of sexual nature in this chapter, you will know when it's coming. So if that bothers you, just skip it. You guys know the King, what he's like and what Evelyn is like.. so I guess you can guess what happened. 



‘He’s thousands and thousands of years old… that’s a long time. God knows what kind of shit he’d gone through during those years. The heartbreaks, the pain, the struggle… every emotion known to man, he must’ve experienced it all, maybe more.’ She thought.

Slowly, Evelyn’s fair, blue eyes rose towards the sky and gazed up at the cloudless sky. It was a beautiful day, and she wondered whether the place Zayn held Ethan prisoners had windows, and if he was looking up at the sky as well, seeing the same cosmic of abyss above them.

Evelyn was completely alone with her thoughts for 20 seconds at max, because just moments after Zayn left to fetch the horses, she saw him approaching her again, riding on the back of a giant, dark horse and another majestic horse with creamy white fur was trotting on just a few feet behind them.

Immediately, Evelyn knew the darker horse was the hybrid from its sheer size. The darker horse towered over the cream one, having a good ten inches or so to its advantage. Its legs were longer and much more muscular, its posture was straight and even from the distance Evelyn could feel the arrogance vibrating off the horse. It was beautiful to say the least. But like Zayn, there was a dark and dangerous side behind its beauty.

Hesitantly, her eyes coursed from the imposing creature to its even more imposing rider. Evelyn’s breath was caught in her throat for a second as Zayn rode towards her. If there was one thing she couldn’t fault about him, then it was his beauty. Never in her life had she ever met someone as breath-taking as him.

But true love couldn’t be built on the foundation of physically appearance alone. No matter how beautiful he was, he wouldn’t be able to win Evelyn’s heart by fluttering his gorgeous eyelashes at her. Zayn had done too many unspeakable things to her. He had stolen too many things from her, and degraded her from a living, breathing human to an object, existing under his mercy, only for his pleasure and amusement. And that wasn’t who Evelyn wanted to be.

She refused to let him dictate her, control her and dominate her. She refused to be his plaything. She refused to give up the rights that she deserved.

No matter how beautiful he was, and how cursed he was, she could never love the heartless monster before her. A small part of her wanted to like Zayn, at least that would make her life easier… she was like a little lamb, held captive in a steel cage with a hungry tiger. It doesn’t matter how much the tiger loved the lamb, sooner or later he would give into the hunger and ravish the lamb… The night at the motel would repeat itself, Evelyn knew that much. That was her destiny; a destiny she won’t easily escape.

“This is Daisy,” Zayn introduced Evelyn to the beautiful cream white mare with a hint of gold glimmering in its fur.

“Hello Daisy.” She hesitantly reached out to stroke the animal’s fine hair, and to her surprise, the elegant creature gently pressed its nose against the palm of her hand. “Is Daisy a hybrid?”

Zayn shook his head. “Daisy is just a normal horse, very few horses can transform into a vampire. More often than not, the vampire genes tend to be too strong for them to take, only a very few can survive the transition.” He hopped down from the darker horse. “Shadow here is one of those rare creatures, and I'm not surprised he survived the transition. I found him in the Amazon Rainforest in the 19th century, one of the wildest creatures I’ve ever encountered, a complete enigma… so strong, wild, stubborn and untameable.”

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