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-Manhattan, New York

-Avelyn Perez

-AV Interior

Miss Perez.

That's my name now. My employees...gosh...who would have thought I would have employees?

A knock brought me out of my reverie and I allowed the person to enter my office. Camille, my personal assistant, entered and began talking about my plans for the day.

I have to meet with five clients, three at my office before ten o'clock and leave to meet with two others separately at a restaurant downtown. This meant that I will be back at my office at two o'clock. There are nine bedrooms, three kitchens, two living rooms, ten bathrooms, a study, an office, two dining rooms, a family room and an outdoor lounge to design before three thirty.

After, I have to meet with my fabricators at four to go over the designs I sent and inspect the progress on designs I have let come to life. Come back to my office for five and work on files.

So much for dinner plans...

"Thank you, Cam..." I said distractedly.

"Oh and Miss Perez, there was a private call for you this morning. They didn't leave a message...they said they'd call back".

"Oh...okay...thank you", I decided to not think much on that anonymous caller. I looked at the time and began setting up the slides and paperwork for the upcoming appointments.

My phone began ringing and I stopped arranging the files to answer.

"Avelyn Perez speaking", I answered sotto voce.

"Avelyn..." the familiar voice of the professional sounded over the line.

"Doctor Hale", my tone surprised as my heart dropped in my stomach and a wave of nausea hit me.

What can this be?

"I have your results", he announced chirpily. 

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