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He wants me so bad,
but I keep tellin him no.
He knows he's running out of time ,
n gotta tempt me somehow.
How , lucy?
You're running outta tricks now, lucy.
Come on,
just you n me for one last show down, lucy.
Winner takes all.
This time i'm playing for
my freedom and my life.
Load the gun ,
pull the trigger, lucy,
it hit me, but I ain't fallin lucy.
What's up?
Means my chains are falling
and your chains are callin, lucy.
So long.
We had a good run,
but it's my time now , lucy,
As he drops his gun.
And her chains come off.
Lucy never wanted to accept how this was going to end.
I could've helped him in the end.
To understand him at the very least,
but now
that's gone and humanity will start again.
As I rise from the ash,
and my wings emerge for the first time in centuries

I look down at my shackles that were once there for so long , now gone.
And an overwhelming presence of Lucy looming about sourly.
Defeat. He is defeated.
And I am rising.
She is rising.

He who were first shall be last
He who were last shall be first.

And she rises.

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