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Reminder: This is my FIRST book ever.

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Chapter 1: The Dream That Haunts Me.

The dream always starts the same way. It never changes, I can never change it. It hurts to know that my own uncle did this to me. I was only 7 when it happened; I wasn’t strong enough to push him off.

"Uncle Brandon what’s in this box?" I asked while shaking a pink box with a purple bow on top.

Mom, dad and I, we were all helping Uncle Brandon move in to his new house. He couldn’t live in the old one because Aunt Janice went to heaven.

"Cupcake don’t shake the box. Go up to my room and open it if you want to know", said my uncle.

I nodded and made my way up the stairs into his room.

I opened the door to his bedroom, he had a king size bed, it was huge!

I turned the television on and jumped on his bed.

I had forgotten about the box, which was until my uncle reminded me.

"Cupcake you haven’t opened it yet?" he said while standing in the door way.

I shook my head.

"Mhmm, well if you don’t want the box then I think I’ll just have it back."

"No uncle, I just got distracted", I said.

I got off f his bed and sat on the floor.

I opened the box.

I gasped, "She’s beautiful", I said completely shocked.

In the box was the Barbie I wanted, she came with a pink jeep, two sundresses, a bikini, sunglasses, and her cell phone.

I heard the door click but I didn’t look up; I was too distracted being amazed by the Barbie.

A few minutes later, my uncle came back into his room, he handed me my other toys.

I began to play.

I heard my uncle chuckle every time I made the Barbie run away from the guy-barbie.

"You know cupcake, when you get older you won’t think guys are gross", he said.

I looked up at him; he was now sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Nu-hu, guys are gross, they are always grumpy and just like to eat", I said with a smile on my face.

My uncle reached out towards me and picked me up; he sat me on his lap.

I giggled and said, "Uncle, I can’t play if I’m sitting on your lap."

He kept rubbing my arm, and I started to feel goose bumps.

To be honest I really don’t know why I got goose bumps.

He whispered in my ear, "don’t worry cupcake, you will play later."

I wiggled out of his embrace but he pulled me back and said, "No! You stay here until I say so… got it!"

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