Basic Explanation

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So with that out of the way, onto some of the words I mentioned above and some additional information
regarding anatomy and other facts.

Slick: Slick is a substance secreted by omegas when in heat. It is a very sweet smelling fluid that is semi-translucent. When tasted, it is very sweet. Slick is basically a form of self-lubrication for omegas.

Marking: Marking is where an alpha and omega bite at the juncture between the neck and shoulder. Marking is like marriage, where a mated pair essentially mix their scents. Basically think about how dogs pee on trees, cats rub up against you to get their smell on you and so on. Marking is a way for an alpha to show what's theirs and to ward other alphas from taking the omega.

Catching: Catching is a word for impregnation. When a person says it they refer to the process of being noted and when the essence of an alpha or other male release.

Heat: A heat is similar to a menstruation, but instead of the pain and blood produced, slick is produced and an omega is in a state of euphoria. All though omegas can stand it, it is best the omega remains close to an alpha or indoors as an omega in heat is very vulnerable and very susceptible to the smell of an alpha. Making it easy to take advantage of them.

Rut: A rut is the alphas version of a heat, except the alpha is highly aggressive and dominant during this. It is brought on when an omega triggers it through their heat, however it can happen naturally as shown in some omega fics. During this time the alpha is highly aroused and will seek out an unmarked or unmated omega to have catch.

Additional Facts

Now that we have the ranks and vocab out of the way, I will now divulge additional knowledge on subjects above, habits, and anatomy. Do not worry, there are no pictures showing what the anatomy is. Want to keep this book actually up and available to all seeking knowledge. Anyways onwards!

Heats - Heats as listed above only occur in omegas. The intervals between a heat can be a month or year. Heats are basically when an omega is capable of catching and may be the only time for them to catch if they are male. What occurs inside the body is it produces a large amount of body heat as the body is in a state of arousal. Heats also triggers the slick glands to activate and overproduce, causing some of it to seep out of the anal cavity.
During this time in male omegas, the uterus is being formed, if an omega is being mated a muscle opens the uterus within the omega to allow the seed of an alpha to catch. This is to ensure that the uterus doesn't intake waste disposed from the body. The time for heats vary, from a few days to two weeks. Depending on how often the heat is and certain genetic factors, the heat can vary in intensity and effects on others.

Scent glands - Scent glands are located in the wrists and junctures of the neck between the shoulder. Scent glands are found on all A/B/O types. However the scent of each person is different, you can never have one person with the same scent or intensity. Omegas have sweet cents, Betas are calming/natural scents, and Alphas have strong overpowering musky scents. Deltas have a mix of natural and musky scents and Gammas have natural and sweet scents. Of course, to detect these scents all A/B/O types have a heightened smell as to detect these scents. Scents also are a way of expressing ones distress, anger, and or arousal. Fun fact, when an omega is pregnant their scent is stronger and has a sort of milky cream smell, giving away their pregnancy easily.

Claws - All hybrids (just gonna say this now, easier that way) have claws. These claws are easily seen when they are experiencing very volatile emotions. These emotions include blood boiling rage, heart wrenching sorrow, and euphoria pleasure. Now the sharpness of claws varies between the types with alphas having the sharpest and omegas having the dullest, but they can still tear through tree bark and clothing. One thing that can counter this fact is if a writer decides to go without this fact or make it so a rare gene can prevent the formation of claws.

A/B/O Body types - Now regarding body types it varies widely from skinny, very masculine, and curvy. But it also depends on the hybrids type as well. I will explain this a little bit in detail when we reach the hybrid types. But let's get the common A/B/O body types out there. Alphas have more lanky and masculine frames/bodies, this due to their very high testosterone's level allowing high muscle mass. Of course, Alphas don't look like they are roids of course so don't worry! Some even are skinny so you have that option. Omegas have smaller and sometimes masculine frames, the reason is due to the low testosterone level they carry, but it is of course slightly higher in males then females. The reason for this is so the omegas maternal instincts are not overruled by the effects that come with high testosterone. Betas, Gammas, and Deltas are a tricky case as they can have all body types so I guess they are the lucky ones you could say that are in between this scale.

Well, that about sums up the basic info! Now let's move onto the hybrids themselves.

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