Planning and Wait

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Adrian's POV

"Welcome everyone, I'm Evan Striker and I am the leader of this operation" the guy at the head of the table announce. "Dean and Sam are the weapon experts, Annie is the get away driver, Pete is the hacker, and finally Chloe to head of our communications. The plan is to break into the zoo by the parking lot in front of the animal hospital. Thanks to Jack we have the map, know where the security cameras are and know the guards rotation. Once everything is planned, we'll strike" he explains.

"When will that be?" I ask.

"About a week, maybe less" Pete states.

"We've been planning this since you meet her" Chloe adds.

"Good, I want my mate out of there and I'm coming also" I tell them.

"That's not part of the plan" Annie states.

"It's fine Annie, besides Anastasia will come willing if she sees a familiar face. She may try to resist our rescue attempt otherwise" Striker tells her. "Once we rescued her, we'll head straight to the airport" he states. "But we need one more person to come with us" he adds looking at Lady Amelia.

"Go with them, she knows you and you can help her shift" Lord Percy tells her.

"I'll go" she states and we all nod.

"The rest of you focus on leaving and returning to the main castle. We'll meet you there" Striker instructs. "Now, we have planning to do" he states and we get to planning. An hour later I take Lord Percy and Lady Amelia to the zoo. So that Lord Percy can meet his daughter at last.

Delia's POV

I smell my mother and the handsome man as Cole was trying to get me do a trick. But I ignore him looking at my mother. Mummy will I be out of here soon? I ask her.

Yes, you will be free soon she assures me and I smile. I brought your father to meet you she adds gesturing to the man beside her.

Hello Anastasia, hang in there a while long and we'll be a family again a man's voice says in my head.

It's nice to finally hear your voice father I tell him. Just then Cole steps in front of me blocking my view of my parents and I growl at him. He backs away slowly and leaves the enclosure. Sorry about that, he can be annoying I state laying down dipping my front paws into the pool of water.

Adrian's POV

I'm a little jealous the lord and lady can talk to my mate. I tried not to laugh when the stupid human got in between them. "Honestly, I don't know what happened Jack. We were doing great and then she saw something in the crowd. She growled at me when I tried to get her attention" I hear someone complain. Looking up I see the stupid human talking to Jack.

"Jack, hey man!" I call and he smiles at me. He walks over with the stupid human.

"Hey Adrian, sorry you had to see that. She usually obeys" he states.

"It's cool, can we talk in private?" I ask him.

"Sure, Cole why don't you go check on the lions" he suggests.  The guy grumbles and leaves. "Follow me" Jack says.

"I'll be back in a minute" I tell the other two and they nod their heads. Not taking their eyes off their daughter. I then follow Jack to a private room and he turns off his radio.

"We can talk freely" he states.

"I was told to give you this, put it on one of the camera wires" I instruct handing him a clip.

"So the plan is in motion" he says pocketing it.

"Yes, we strike Saturday night" I tell him.

"I'll make sure I'm on duty that night" he tells me. "One less complication for you" he states. "I have to get back to work" he adds and we leave the room. I head back to the lord and lady.

"It's time to go" I tell them gently. They nod their heads solemnly.

Delia's POV

We have to go sweetheart, we will be reunited soon dad tells me.

And I'll help you turn human mum adds smiling.

I wait for that day, who is the man with you? I ask.

Prince Adrian mum states.

I feel connected to him, but it's different to the connection I have with you both and my brothers I state.

All will be explain when we get you out of here dad assures me. We say our final goodbyes and they leave. Jack enters my enclosure and approaches me slowly. Once he pats my forehead he sighs before giving my a small cartoon of milk. Then leaves me to take my afternoon nap in peace. As much peace as you can get with children running around the place like they own it.


Picture above of zoo map and picture on the external link of Evan Striker.

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