【Various】What If... (AU/AR)

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I occasionally think of alternate routes for my stories and how things would proceed. So here are some slight changes in events that create huge changes in storylines. Tell me what you think would've happened next and what direction the story would go in!
(Write as much or as little speculation as you want.)

Alternate Route: What if...

- Hitori hadn't moved away?

- Liam had chased after Alex when he ran out of the party after the kiss?

- Liam and Alex had never gone to that party?

- Natsu's mom hadn't died?

- Eran stuck to his guns about not dating a high schooler?


These below are huge changes, alternate universe. Again, how do you think the story would've gone?

Alternate Universe: What if...

- Hitori had been a girl?

- TNoN was an omegaverse―Natsu was an alpha and Hitori an omega?

- Riley was the wealthy 24-year-old and Eran was the on-scholarship 17-year-old?

- Hitori and Natsu were the same age, in the same class?

- Elias had fallen for and admitted to liking Jay first?


Have you own What If? Leave it in the comments and I'll tell you how I believe things would've been different.

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