~3~But Tonight,Jadens mine!~

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Jaden's pov

I ran as fast as I could,I ran outside and sank down into the side of the castle,sobbing.

''Jaden!''Harry ran over and hugged me.

''Pansy? Draco? Theo? Crabbe? Goyle? Who?''Harry backed up,asking.

''That little Parkinson..!''I wiped my cheeks.

''That little bitch--''Harry got up and i grabbed his arm,pulling him down into a hug.

''I'm fine.''I promised.

''I want you to know..--If anybody ever starts being mean to you,you are strong. If Malfoy starts being rude to you--''Harry got cut off.

''Its okay Harry. ''I smiled slightly and he grinned.

''Go back to your friends,I'll be okay.''I promised and Harry kissed me on the cheek quickly and ran off.

I took a deep breath and sat there,snow landing on me slowly.

''You alright?''Someone asked,sitting down beside me.

''yeah..''I glanced over.

''Pansy got In trouble by Snape,don't worry.''Draco couldn't help but grin.

''Okay..--''He cut me off.

What's with everybody cutting eachother off?

''So,You're a Potter?''His grin slowly disapeared.

''Look,Not Really. If I tell you,you can't tell anybody!''I crossed my arms.

''Fine. I promise.''He nodded,trust filled his gaze.

''I'm Jaden Marvolo Riddle,the cursed child of Tom Riddle. I am actually Harry's little sister by two years,and I am actually Jaden Lilly Potter,but since the dark lord killed my parents,he took me. That's why I'm different I guess you can say. I'm somehow smarter than all the students,even Hermione! Than you of course,''I paused. ''My eyes was just anger,that's all.I can shift into a wolf by a anamagius (ik it's wrong).''I paused and Draco's mouth hung open in shock.

''Wow! I'll tell you a secret too.''Draco huffed and I listened.

''My parents are death eaters, for the dark lord of course,Bellatrix Lestrange is my aunt. The crazy lady in Azkaban. ''Draco and I laughed.

''I have this dark mark too.''He pulled up to reveal a faint black dark mark,not very visible.

''I have a lightning scar like Harry too!''I showed him the scar and he gasped with amazement.

''Thanks Draco..''I smiled after a moment and I hugged him.

Draco's pov

''Of course.''I smiled and hugged her back.

We of course talked a bit more about eachother.

Dang,she's funny,kind,brave,cunning,ambitious,and more that I can go on. She'll make a good friend. The only thing that worries Be is that she's a damn potter. Me and Potter despise eachother,if we're friends,stupid little potter will ruin it before you can say Snape.

Harry's pov

I sat with Hermione and Ron,it had been about an hour and Violet was still gone.

''Guys,where's Malfoy and girl Potter?''Ron cut Hermione off,noticing.

''Just what I was thinking Ron.''I replied.

''Didn't you talk to her,Harry?''Hermione asked.

''Yeah,she's still gone--''I cut Ron off.

''Oh Malfoy,I'm gonna go kill him!''I hissed and shot up.

Hermione's pov

I have never seen Harry so protective. And over his cursed evil sister? Dang.. And she's Slytherin,the house of usually the death eaters. We all know Draco is a deatheater but he won't admit it. And if That little she~devil becomes a deatheater,she's gonna kill our best friend Harry!

''She's not gonna kill him you bloody idiot!''I told Harry and Ron.

''She could!''I yelled.

''I could,but why would I kill my own brother when you're here assuming I'm a damn deatheater?''

We all turned to see Jaden and Draco.

''I u-uh..--''I flushed with embarrassment.

''OH MALFOY!''Harry yelled.


''Stop fighting!''I snapped and they ignored me,they stood by eachother,a crowd forming,Jaden groaned.

''Harry Potter,Lover of only himself.''Draco spat.

Harry rolled his eyes.

''You never once were nice. You never cared all. Now you will! I'll have you running scared.''Draco crossed his arms.

''Draco Malfoy,you know nothing of my life.''Harry stated a fact.

''All I am is what I do. I can not let you win,you snobbish evil brat!''Harry spat,Draco snarling.

''Surrender now.''Harry threatened,they pointed there wands at eachother.

''I am warning you Malfoy.''Harry assured.

''You know nothing of Malfoy!''Draco assured.

Harry crossed his arms.

''You will all bow down to me your reign is at an end!''Draco laughed.

''You are not the man you think,you are nothing but a fool!''Draco snapped.

''I am still the hero here.''Harry threw his arms up.

''I see you now,you never were my friend!''Draco rolled his eyes.

Harry laughed.

''At last the lines,are drawn.''

''no tonight,Jaden is mine!''They argued.

Jaden ran in front of them,yelling.

''YES TONIGHT YOU ALL ARE DEAD!''She yelled,smacking them both and ran to her dorm.

''but tonight Jaden is mine..''The mumbled and walked to there dorms.

Jadens pov

I sat down and somebody put there hand around me.

''Hey listen Riddle,I know your life if kinda rough..''Draco went on and I listened.

''I'f I were in your shoes or scales,I wouldn't be so tough.''Draco shrugged.

''But I can see the girl inside,oh babe you really shine..''we both blushed.

''Yes tonight Jaden is mine..--I beat Potter!''Draco declared as I kissed his cheek before resting my head on his shoulder we both fell asleep.

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