#20. Happily Ever After?

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Tears were shed, laughs were had because of the vows spoken by both Brian and Mona, and finally Mona and Brian were officially husband and wife

Mona couldn't contain her excitement, and as she walked down the isle, she did a little happy dance to prove it, while Brian laughed at his wife being silly

There had always been something strange about their relationship, the way they could sense each other before one walked through the door, or know what the other is thinking without even asking was something that made their bond stronger than most relationships would ever be

It was like they were made for each other, like God himself had made Mona for Brian, and Brian for Mona. Now they were bonded for life, and to them it was all they wanted

They walked into the tent where their reception would be held, hand-in-hand, big smiles on their faces and flashing their rings for everyone to see

As they did their little dance, they walked over to their designated table where they would be seated together as husband and wife

Brian pulled her chair out, making sure she was properly seated before taking a seat himself

Pac, who was also the master of ceremonies, slide onto the dance floor like he was James Brown, and tapping on the mic to check if it was on, "Thank you all for coming here and celebrating this weird ass union between my brother over there" he point at Brian, and then Mona, "and my new sister-in-law" he said

"Damn boy, ain't nobody ever imagined being here, wearing suits and shit, and just celebrating the fact that someone was crazy enough to agree to marrying you" he said jokingly, "Mona, you know that there's still time for you to opt out right?" He said, with a cocked eyebrow and smile on his face

Mona shook her head, holding Brian's hand under the table, "Not even a chance" she yelled out

Brian smiled at his wife, kissing her on the cheek, then mugged Pac, "Aye" Pac raised his hands, "I'm just giving her an option that I don't think she considered before" he explained

"Try me" Brian warned Pac, but there was a small smile on his lips, so he knew Brian wasn't being serious

Pac walked over to his boy, dabbing him, prompting Brian to stand up so he could give Pac a bro hug, "Love you bro" Pac said in his ear

"Love you too" Brian said back to Pac, then pulling out of their hug

Pac acted like he was wiping a tear from his eye, "Damn. Now let's get this party started, but not before the parents of the bride, and Brian's groomsmen said a few words"

Pac turned to look for Mona's parents, "Mr and Mrs de Bruen, if you could both come say a few words" he held his hand out, asking for them to come forward

Niko helped his wife stand once he himself stood, then they both walked to stand in front, where Niko took the mic from Pac, "Thank you" he said as politely as he could, which wasn't exactly polite to begin with

He tapped on the mic, raising it close to his lips for him to speak, "Princess, as much as we were against this union, seeing the joy and love you have for Brian, has made us both come to terms with your decision" he said, looking at his beautiful little girl

"And as for you Brian, I only have one request" he looked at Bri, a fire in his eyes, "I'm giving you my princess for you to protect and keep safe. Of course, you'll make her happy, but keep her safe from people who will try to use her to get to you" he finished

Brian could see the seriousness in Niko's and Mmapula's eyes, and he didn't need to say much, just a nod was all that was conveyed. It was a silent deal that was done between both Brian and Mona's parents

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