Chapter 7| Here goes nothing

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What Noah Shnapp done: THAT


I hazily awaken from my slumber, squeezing open my eyes as they adjust to the light flooding from beyond my hotel curtains. My hotel.

Last night.

I quickly sit up taking my surroundings in, nothing seems out of place. Nothing whatsoever. My questions are answered when my front door suddenly bursts open, Noah walks in with a tray full of breakfast, my eyes lift as everyone else emerges from behind him.

"Morning" Noah smiles as he lays the tray on my lap, taking a seat on my bed. Fresh strawberries, Nutella, Orange juice and toast lays infront of me.

I force a small smile at Noah, knowing he tried his best to cheer me up. Reluctantly I take a bite out of the toast, as I take in my surroundings.

"How are you holding up?" Sadie asks as she takes a seat on my bed, before I can say anything more Finn walks in the open room, closing the door behind him. His eyes lock onto mine, but his erotic, emotionless face doesn't budge. He walks up and takes a seat beside Noah.

"I uhm, I'm okay" I nods as I send Caleb a small smile,"I heard what happened" Caleb nods as he leans in for a hug.

"Honestly, I'm okay guys. He didn't do anything" I say slowly, not sure wether I'm trying to convince them or myself.

"But he would have we didn't make it in time" Gaten warns, my gaze turns back to Finn, being no use whatsoever as he purposely ignores my burning glare.

"What happened exactly after?" I narrow my eyes, ignoring Gatens statement.

"You fainted" Noah recalls with a pause, me and Finn share a quick glance that sends sparks along my skin,"Finn carried you here and we made a fake story to your agent, since your parents aren't in for the next couple of days" Noah nods.

"This time we must go to the cops Millie!" Sadie insists,"No question about it"

"No" I sigh, as everyone looks back at me with stunned glances,"That's exactly what they want" I explain slowly.

"What, so you just want to sit here and wait for the next time they attack you?!" Finn harsh voice bellows with a firm tone.

"I won't always be there to catch you" he adds on, in which I look back at him through narrowed eyes.

Ouch. That hurt.

"You think I don't know that!" I snap back, instantly regretting it.

"I'm sorry" I inhale sharply,"Thank you Finn. For yesterday" I say slowly, in which he nods back in response.

"We can't ignore this!" Caleb scoffs.

"We have no proof anyone was there apart from me and Jacob, we only heard twigs snapping. And as for Jacob- he made a mistake, he was drunk and not thinking straightly" I reason with.

"You are fucking joking right?" Noah scoffs.

"You're not seriously taking him back" Sadie shakes her head as she looks out the window.

"Like I said, he wasn't thinking straight" I say flatly.

"Not thinking straight!" Finn quotes,"If I didn't come god knows what he would have done" He hisses in disbelief.

I take a deep breath. He's right and I hate it.

"We don't know that, okay? He was drunk and probably won't remember anything from it" I say as I take a sip from the glass of orange juice before setting the tray on the table beside.

"Millie, you can't forgive him" Gaten warns, I stand up and make my way to the bathroom, leaving the door slightly open as I undress and put on a fresh pair of jeans with a shirt and jacket.

"I'm going to go and hear him out" I call out as I zip up my jeans, stepping outside as I scan the floor for my trainers.

"He's dangerous!" Sadie scoffs in frustration.

"He was drunk, there's a difference" I point out as I sit down to put on my ankle boots.

"Okay, What about that anonymous stalker? You know.... the one that threatened you!" Caleb says in a calm tone.

"We'll deal with that later" I say as I throw on my jacket, knowing what I'm about to do will cost me.

I make my way to the door before I feel a grip from behind my shoulder, putting me to a halt. The feeling feels familiar, almost like déjá vu.


"I let you go once, look what happened there" he says slowly, referring to the time he stopped me at the party right before I went to Jacob. Saying that he was dangerous.

"Let go of me" I warn in a harsh tone. I don't like being this strict, but at times like these I can't show weakness.

"I won't let you" He says gently, I can practically feel everyone's eyes on us from behind him. I sigh as I look up at the ceiling, not daring to meet his gaze.

He can't have this effect on me.

"You won't dare leave this hotel with me in front of the press and you know that" I point out,"Thank you, for what you did yesterday Finn. I appreciate it. But I can look after myself" I say with a plastered smile and firm tone. He got the message. With one final glance I shove Finns grip off, closing the door behind me.

Oh Finn.


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