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"Turn to page 378." Professor Adams droned on as he tapped the board, moving to the next slide on his screen. "Every five hundred years, one is born with unique traits."

Jayden, a second-year student, snickered. "Like we're not all born with unique traits."

The class of five students murmured with soft giggles and a couple coughs. It was true, though. There were eighteen 'special' students scattered around campus who were involved with TLC. We integrated with the humans, taking normal classes in addition to one or two 'advanced classes' where we learned about the dark creatures, combat and weapons training, and how to develop the unique traits we'd been given.

"Very funny, Jayden." The lanky professor pointed to the smartboard and went on. "It's different than the traits you all have been born with. More advanced and developed, yet without any education or training."

Lucky bug not having to study or train.

I flipped through the pages, but instead of seeing words, images of Tom's face filled the pages. His dark eyes. Instead of listening, I heard his gentle voice-not the one screeching through my brain, but his real time voice. So calming. Soothing.

I shook my head, pulling my mind back to reality. He'd gotten into my head a couple times now. But with everything that'd been happening, I hadn't sat down with him to find out how. I wasn't sure I was ready to yet, but it needed to happen.

Sean had never been able to share his thoughts with me like that.

"You all stumbled into your powers at different times. Some in junior high, high school-"

"On the job." Jayden hoisted his fist in the air. "Melted all that plastic..."

I let out a chuckle. Jayden was always good for a laugh, and I needed one, too. I couldn't get Sean and Tom out of my mind. Sure, Sean's kiss melted my bones until they were limp noodles, but he was a lost cause. But the damage had been done. We'd crossed that line. What would it be like to work with him? I wasn't sure I could trust him anymore.

Then there was Tom.

On campus less than a month, and he almost kissed me the night Sasha died. And I'd wanted him to. Sasha had just been brutally murdered, and I was thinking about kissing some guy. I blamed it on grief because I knew absolutely nothing about him. Maybe that was the attraction. I knew everything about Sean. Not knowing anything about someone would be better. Safer.

My last three boyfriends died. Killed in the line of duty. Even the human boyfriend.

No. No more guys! My heart had more holes in it than Swiss cheese. No need to add any more.

I licked my finger and flipped the textbook page. Several stuck together, and I landed on page 400 instead. A bold heading read: Power to eviscerate evil with a touch. Further down the page more bold lettering popped out: Memory adjustment.

Wait a minute. Memory adjustment? Killing with a touch? That sounded like-

"That five-hundred-year wait is over," Professor Adams said.

Okay, that phrase caught my attention. I looked up and choked back a gasp. Tom stepped into the room in all his tall, dark and handsome glory.

The rest of the classroom didn't hold back a gasp, and it felt like they sucked all the oxygen from the room.

Tom? As in Tom with chocolate eyes, beautiful hair, and lethal hands?

Sean, who sat in the front row, and, ironically, the closest to Tom, whirled around in his seat and fixed his gaze on me. His stare burned a hole through my head. He still sported the black eye I gave him in the ring a few days ago, which he totally deserved.

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