Swan Song {17}

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                “Mitch wake up,” I said, gently shaking him. I had been awake for nearly two hours now, and Mitch was still fast asleep. My stomach was starting to growl and I couldn’t move because Mitch’s head was still on my chest.

                Mitch moaned a little, but didn’t wake up. I sighed and bent down, kissing his temple. He buried his face against my chest.

                “Mitch, you have to wake up,” I said, poking him in the side.

                He yelped, his head shooting up so fast that our skulls nearly cracked together. He glared at me through tired eyes.

                “Don’t do that,” he snarled.

                “I’m hungry and you were using my chest as a pillow,” I said.

                “Damn straight I was,” he said, his head dropping back down to my chest.

                “Mitch!” I said sternly, poking him in the side again.

                He winced and sat up, proceeding to punch me in the arm as hard as he could. It was my turn to yelp, and I shifted away from him with a pout.

                “Ass,” I grumbled, getting out of his bed.

                I dragged a reluctant Mitch with me out to the kitchen, and shoved him into a chair at the counter. I sat next to him and he shot me a glare.

                “I hate being woken up,” he growled.

                “It’s almost noon. Deal with it,” Carol said, appearing at the counter. “I’ll make you guys some lunch. Mitch, we really should get your sleeping problems checked out.”

                “I don’t have sleeping problems,” he grumbled, dropping his head onto my shoulder.

                “Because going to sleep when most people wake up is definitely normal. You stubborn idiot,” Carol said, turning to make us breakfast.

                “What are we doing today?” I asked Mitch.

                “Going to Rio’s house so I can tell him we’re dating and get it over with,” he said, picking his head up off my shoulder. “If he’s going to be a pain in the ass about it, I’d rather just get it over with.”

                “Then can we go to my house? I want to tell my mom,” I said.

                “Sure,” Mitch said with a shrug.

                Carol made us lunch and we ate hungrily before getting ready. I followed Mitch out to the car and we climbed in, playing music as we drove towards Rio’s house.

                “Turn, turn the pages of your real life story based on love. Read over chapters carefully just to see your past mistakes. Push pen to paper and put your bottle down,” the music sang.

                I looked at Mitch and a smile came to my face. I reached over, taking his hand in mine, so happy to be with him again. So happy that things were getting better. That I was getting better.

                We pulled into Rio’s driveway and got out of the car. We went up to the door, knocking. His dad pulled it open and smiled at us.

                “Hi guys. Rio’s in the living room. And this time I made sure he put his glasses on when he woke up,” he said.

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