City of Walls and Secrets

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"What are you looking for?" I asked

"The spark rocks. Have you seen the spark rocks?" Iroh asked

"No" I said

"No." Zuko said

We hear a door open and close.

"I borrowed our neighbors'. Such kind people." Iroh said

I get up walk over the shutters and pull them closed blocking Jet from looking in if he was.

"Why you shut the shutters?" Zuko asked

"Jet saw Iroh heat up his tea, and is not following us. I bet he even took the spark rocks that way he could prove it to himself that Iroh is a firebender." I said

"Okay. I do not like it here." Zuko said

"You can't tell me that this is worse than the ship." I said

"No but, I want to go home. I want to take the Avatar and head back to the Fire Nation." Zuko said

"And what about me?" I asked

"What about you?" Zuko aske

I got up and left the room. Iroh who was in the door way shuck his head.

"Think about what she asked and then think about your answer." Iroh said

Time Skip to Next Day...

I had ignored Zuko all day. Iroh was pouring tea into a customer's cup.

"This is the best tea in the city!" the customer said

"The secret ingredient is love." Iroh said

Iroh waves a hand through the steam coming from the teapot and walks towards the back of the shop where the owner is.

"I think you're due for a raise." Pao said

The door is suddenly slammed open.

"Jet what are you doing?" I asked

"I'm tired of waiting! These two man are firebenders!" Jet yelled

Jet unsheathes his hook swords and prepares to fight. Zuko, Iroh, and I exchange a look, not knowing what to do.

"I know they're firebenders, I saw the old man heating up his tea.!" Jet yelled

"He works in a tea shop." A customer said

"He's a firebender! I'm telling you." Jet said

"Drop you swords, boy. Nice and easy." another customer said

That customer and another stand up.

"You'll have to defend yourself. Then everyone will know. Go ahead, show them what you can do." Jet said

Jet steps forward, and hooks his sword around my wrist and pulls me to him.

"Come on firebend, protect your little friend." Jet said

"I don't need his protection, or did you forget who I am." I said

I grabbed the arm that he had wrapped around me, and I let the ice crystals grow. I let me go, I turned around and kicked him in the side. I them stepped back so I back in line with Zuko and Iroh. The ice crystals are still there, but he steps up again. One of the customers is about to draw his swords, but Zuko steps in front of him and grabs them instead.

"You want a show? I'll give you a show." Zuko said

Zuko takes the customer's broadswords and enters a fighting stance. He pulls a table in front of him with his foot and kicks it at Jet, who slices the table with his swords and jumps over it. As he lands, he swings both hook swords at the Fire Nation prince, who deflects the attack and jump backward on to another table, which is sliced in half by Jet, swinging one sword through the middle of the table. Zuko steps onto one half of the table and balances on one foot. Jet continues his attack by cutting the legs on the half of the table Zuko is standing on. Zuko quickly jumps up, and as he lands, he swings both broadswords at Jet's feet, and Jet somersaults away and lands in a crouching position before charging forward at Zuko again. Zuko swings both of his swords at Jet. Just as both weapons clash together. Zuko bursts out through the door and tumbles onto the street. Jet runs after him and strikes at Zuko with both swords. Zuko defends the strike and both combatants lock swords.

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