~1~Waking Up~

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{{Two things,yes,I am writing another Draco love story fanfic thing bc my friend wants to see how this one turns out,I might end up deleting this real quick but idk. And two,I apologize for how horrible and sucky all my stories are,and also,I need name suggestions for the reader,if I don't get any I'll leave it as y/n! }}

Jaden's Pov

I groaned in exhaustion and got up,my father yelling for me downstairs. I put on my glasses and ran downstairs and plopped down in a chair.

''Hiya Dad.''I smiled.

''Hello Dear.''Severus Snape,My father greeted me.

Well,I barely look like my father. I had light black hair and green eyes,but that was kinda it. I was tan,not pale either. I was going to Hogwarts tomorrow.

''I'll be able to see Harry!''I shot up,remembering.

''Yes dear.''My father nodded.

''YAY!''I got up and ran around,my father chuckling.

''Oh by the way,since I am the dark arts and potions teacher,I will not be nice to your friends still. And remember,if I'm ever rude to you,I love you and I don't mean it. Okay,Sweetie?''He gazed into my green eyes as I paused and nodded.

~~Doing Another Chap for This~~

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