Zayn's P.O.V

If you don’t know me, you would think that I'm a pretty reserved, quiet person. I don't talk much. I'm just the band member who sings the high notes in One Direction songs and sits in the corner smoking cigarettes. But that’s not really who I am. I’m not all that special, really. I’m just a guy from Bradford who got really, really lucky because of X Factor UK. I’m really lucky. And today, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world because I get to marry Perrie Edwards. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love Perrie. She’s my soul mate. I don’t even believe in that shit. I just know that with her, anything is possible. She worked so hard on pulling this wedding together and it’s going to be perfect. Absolutely perfect. God I sound like a fucking sap. I’m serious, though. I can’t wait.

I finish fixing my hair in the mirror while the boys and my dad finish getting themselves ready. I haven’t seen Perrie in a month because she was staying at Clara and Eleanor’s flat, and she has some superstition about the bride and groom seeing each other within a month of the wedding. I explained to her that it was usually that the bride and groom separate before midnight the night before, but she would have none of it. She’s stubborn that way. It’s quite frustrating. But in a way, her strategy worked. Now I want to see her more than ever. I just want her to run down the isle so that we can kiss and be together forever. God, Zayn! Again with the romantic sap shit? What is going on with you today?

Harry helps me put on my tux jacket and tie my red bow tie—he’s better at it than I am--he had experience in the beginning days of One Direction. The groomsmen are all wearing baby blue bow ties to match the bridesmaids’ baby blue dresses. Perrie hand-picked the dresses for the bridesmaids for each of the four girls to match their personalities and the groomsmen's bow ties, which are all satin. Therefore, each bridesmaid is wearing a baby blue satin dress in a different configuration. My tie doesn't match Perrie’s because her dress is mostly made out of tulle, so unfortunately it didn’t work out. That’s alright, though. Tonight will be perfect.

Perrie’s P.O.V

I can’t believe I’m getting married. To ZAYN MALIK. I grin in the mirror as Lou does my hair in perfect blond curls and then pins it up with a diamond barrette that I can easily take out after the ceremony so that it looks super pretty during the party. Lou’s the best. Luckily, I remembered to just wear my strapless bra under a zip-down sweatshirt so that I don’t mess up the perfect job Lou is doing on my hair. Jade walks into the room, smiling her cute smile at me in the mirror.

“Hey,” she greets me. “It looks great. Good job, Lou!”

“Thanks,” Lou chuckles. “Now hush, I have to finish this. I’m almost done.”

“Jade, you look beautiful,” I tell my best friend. She really does. Her flowie satin dress is long and drags in the back, and the front is shorter. She looks gorgeous. Especially with her freshly done hair in perfect beach waves. She’s always so cute, though. I love her so much. She’s wearing these gorgeous white heels that kind of lace up and end in a bow at the top. They’re open-toe, too, to show of her silver nail polish. It’s all perfect—her nails are silver, too, by the way. She’s walking down the isle with Liam, the best man, even though it’s all mixed up. But her and Liam are the best whatevers, even though Liam should be with Tyler and Jade is supposed to be with Niall. Her and Niall are really good friends. I’ve never understood why they haven’t gotten together. I guess they want to preserve their friendship. It makes enough sense to me, I guess. I just think they would be such a cute couple. Plus, they’re probably the two nicest people in the world. 

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