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Ch.54 A+

"PJ!?" I shouted as I opened the doors to the cafeteria, some teens looked at me weirdly and others ignored me all together. I couldn't careless though, I just knew I had to find PJ.

I looked around the cafeteria frantically, luckily I had my spare shades West gave me at the start of the year on.

I was about to see if he was in line to get lunch when I heard my name, so I turned around to see the bright spirited West.

"Hey Fresh, it's been a while since we last spoke to each other. You look worried though, is there something wrong?" She asked.

"You have no idea, please West! Do you know where PJ is?" I asked feeling more desperate to find him.

"PaperJam? Oh yeah, him and Remo just went to the boys bathroom too clean off the ketchup some kid accidentally got on them. Why?" She asked seeming genuinely worried and confused.

"I'll explain later! Thank you!" I stated running off grabbing the handle to the bathroom, I went inside and bumped into someone.

"Ouch! Your heavier than I remember!" I instantly got up apologizing as I helped Remo up.

"Jeez, what's gotten you all shooken up? Your practically falling apart with how bad your shaking." Remo asked as I realized just how freaked out I was.

"Bro, who are you talking to?...Fresh?" PJ asked seeing me but his expression switched from confused to worry as he quickly walked to me.

"What's wrong?" He asked instantly as I tried to calm myself down enough to explain.

"The one who thought I liked Goth attempted to kill him, is not Garte." I stated both him and Remo seemed shocked.

"What!? But he had to be! They found his furr in the Library!" Remo said as I shook my head.

"The DNA didn't match! It had to be someone else!" I explained.

"But he's the only one with teal furr and hair with a criminal record, the only ones left that have any connection to Goth would be Shifteh and her brother. Both of them can be hot headed especially her brother, but neither of them are willing enough to attempt murder." PJ claimed worry written on his face.

"Woah, woah, woah! You mean this whole time that criminal was loose in the school! Holy shit!" Remo mumbled leaning against the stall next to him.

"Yes! They thought I liked Goth because me and him were close friends! They probably thought we were more and tried to murder him, so i realized if they thought that than they'd think that we..." I paused looking to PJ.

Even though I had my shades on to cover my eyes, and knew he couldn't see through them; I felt the eye contact. I felt immediate pain as I thought of what I was about to say but continued anyways.

"...I thought that they would think that we would be more too..." I said clearly enough for them to understand.

"...You think they, who ever they really are. You think their going to come after me?" PJ asked.

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