Chapter Thirty-One: Deserve to be Happy

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"It was a good night," Billy mused with a smile, he had to admit that it had gone better than he expected, and he had noticed that Jacob and Gabriela had spent quite a bit of time together.

He truly believed that his son was meant to end up with Gabriela, he had never felt like Bella or Nessie had truly made Jacob happy; there was so much against them or things just hadn't worked out like they should have.

Just watching Jacob with Gabriela made Billy even more sure that the ancestors knew exactly what they were doing; they wouldn't have made them come together again if it wasn't meant to be.

"It was," Jacob agreed shutting the front door behind him, he was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he had imprinted on Gabriela.

It had taken him finally letting go of whatever he felt for Bella and Nessie and admitting that it hadn't been healthy for him to see what was sitting right in front of him.

Billy raised an eyebrow as he spotted the smile that had come to his son's face, Old Quil had mentioned something had happened and it had been a long time coming but he hadn't understood what he meant by that.

"Gabriela seemed to enjoy hearing the legends," Billy continued, he rolled himself into the living room and was glad that they had a moment to talk; he had liked having her around and he had heard only good things about her.

Sue was thrilled to have an extra set of hands down at the health centre, she had nothing but good things to say about Gabriela and how she was helping people.

It was wonderful to see someone wanting to give back to the community that was helping them in a time of need; it wasn't in Gabriela's nature to sit around and do nothing.

"She did... it's been a long time since she's heard them like that," Jacob replied knowing that nothing compared to attending a tribal bonfire to hear the legends; she had been away from La Push for years and her grandmother could only do so much.

Billy smiled pleased to hear that she had enjoyed herself, he knew that Dorothy was proud of their heritage and had done her best to make sure her grandchildren remembered where they had come from.

"Old Quil mentioned that something happened during the legends," Billy said watching his son with interest, he had his own suspicions about what might have happened, but he wanted to hear it from Jacob.

No matter what Jacob said, Billy knew that things were slowly starting to change; he had noticed how his son looked at Gabriela now and it made him so happy.

"Of course he did," Jacob grumbled with a shake of his head, he should have known that someone would have noticed the moment that he had imprinted on Gabriela; he had hoped for a little while before having to talk about it.

A smile formed on Billy's face as he realised that his suspicions were true, he had hoped something like this would happen and he was thrilled it finally had.

There was no denying that Billy adored the idea of having more grandchildren, he rarely got to see Rebecca and her children since they lived so far away, and he hated that she didn't come and visit more.

"For what it is worth, I am happy for you Jake... you both deserve to be happy," Billy said smiling up at his son, he had worried for years that his son wouldn't have the happiness that he deserved.

After the nightmare that had seen Jacob being lead on by Bella then getting stuck on her daughter; Billy had never thought that his son would have what his heart desired.

Jacob smiled back at his dad, he was pleased to see that he had his blessing in all of this.


Waking up with a start, Jacob blinked confused as he tried to figure out what had woken him up; he looked around the room before remembering that he had stayed at his dad's house.

It was rare that he did so, but they had spent a little time talking about his imprint before turning in for the night; he was exhausted, and he felt groggy as he slowly started to drift back to sleep.

However, his attention was again pulled away from his sleep and he groaned sitting up slowly as he tried to hear what had woken him; the room around him was silent and there were no sounds of any disturbance.

Swinging his legs out of the bed, Jacob yawned to himself and moved to check that everything was alright; he was tired, and he doubted that he would get to sleep if he didn't make sure that everything was okay.

Making his way out of the bedroom, Jacob listened out trying to figure what had disturbed him; he was a little groggy and something just didn't feel right.

"Jacob? Is everything alright?" Billy asked poking his head out of the door, he had been going to the bathroom and had heard movement in the hall; he stared at his son curious about what he was doing up so late.

Jacob had always been a deep sleeper, it was something that had never really changed about his son and for him to wake up meant that something big must be happening.

"Can you hear that?" Jacob asked the sound picking up again, he felt so confused and he looked around trying to find where the noise was coming from.

He looked around trying to find the source of the sound that had woken him up, they were alone here, and he was sure he would have heard someone else approaching the house by now.

"Hear what?" Billy replied confused, he didn't hear anything, and he knew that Jacob had better hearing than he did, but it was a peaceful night; there wasn't a sound to be heard for once.

Wheeling close to Jacob, Billy stared up at his son a little concerned something didn't feel right, and he could see that Jacob had started to sweat; he hadn't known any of the wolves were able to do that since they ran so hot now.

"The humming," Jacob explained, he moved further down the corridor as the sound seemed to pick up again; he didn't know where it was coming from and it was starting to confuse him.

He didn't notice the concerned look that his father offered him, he could hear it and he was starting to feel a little warm.

Before he could take another step, Jacob suddenly felt a tightening around his throat that made him choke; he gasped for air as he dropped down to his knees.

His hands flying to his neck trying to loosen whatever invisible force that seemed to have wrapped itself around his neck; he choked almost unable to hear his father's panicked calls.

The world around him spinning and suddenly going dark as he hit the floor; the silence that surrounded him seemed suffocating before it suddenly lifted.

Jacob blinked confused as he found himself staring up at Paul and his father, the tightness around his neck was gone and he could hear Rachel whispering on the phone to someone in the next room.

"What happened?" Jacob croaked, his throat sore as he spoke and slowly pushed himself up to sit upright; he ignored the worried glances that his father shot him as he did this.

Paul let out a sigh, he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it for himself and he knew that this was something that they had never seen before.

"I don't think we're dealing with a vampire... at least not entirely," Paul admitted with a shake of his head, he looked at Billy knowing that they had a big problem on their hands and it had just nearly killed Jacob. 

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