13| A Blind Boy Ice Skating.

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13| A Blind Boy Ice Skating.

Even though it was the middle of February, the 14th to be exact, snow had managed to cover every surface to be seen.

Annie was currently sat on the window sill in her room, a hot chocolate in her hand as she watched the snow fall.

Thankfully, it was a snow day off of school, Annie wasn't sure what she had planned for the day just yet. She naturally woke up at 6:30am, as she does everyday, and seeing the snow covering half of her window was a positive indicator for an entertaining day.

James, her chef, was going to be arriving at 7:00, so she decided to read for a little while to pass the time.

After a filling breakfast and some silly cartoons to start off her morning, Annie scrolled through her social media's with her bottom lip between her teeth. She hadn't realised it was Valentine's Day, her and Luke hadn't planned anything but she wasn't sure how far into their relationship they were yet.

Ashton had posted a photo of him and Rosie kissing, Annie thought it was just adorable as the caption. Seeing this made Annie feel as lonely as ever, making her check the time to see if Luke would be up yet.

She realised she had a notification from Luke, a simple text asking what she was going to do with the day off today.

Nothing :( but I
want to go out or
do something x

Sounds like a
plan. When
should I pick you
up? X

How about I
walk to yours
at ten? X

Can't wait :)

Annie rushed to get changed into something warm, doing her make up naturally before tugging a thick cardigan on.

Trudging her way to Luke's, she knocked on his door with her glove covered hands, tucking her neck deeply into the scarf she buried it in.

Luke answered, smiling hopefully and praying it was Annie who knocked.

"Hello," She chimed, smiling widely as her inside fluttered. "How're you?" She questioned, licking her lips and instantly regretting it as the frost bit at the new found warmth.

"Better now that you're here." Luke chuckled, reaching forward and pressing a kiss to her forehead. "I got you something," he smiled, turning around and patting down the small table he had by the door.

Picking up the dark red roses, he passed them forward with a proud smirk on his lips, knowing girls loved getting flowers. "Technically my mum got them but I paid for them and... yeah." He scratched the back fo his neck, smirking widely as Annie took the flowers.

"You're not going to be very warm in that." Annie commented, seeing that he was just wearing a jumper and some jeans.

"Well, I didn't think we were going to go outside. It is snowing Y'know?" Luke chuckled, shivering slightly as a gust of wind blew through the door.

"I know but I'm taking you out, go get changed into something a bit warmer." Annie informed, blushing as she saw Luke smirk at her statement. She's never normally this confident around boys she liked, ignoring the fact she very rarely had a real crush, but with Luke she felt like she could do anything.

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