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(Since I haven't uploaded in a while, you might want to go back a few chapters and read since I'm too lazy for a recap)

Mags POV

I struggled in Triton's hands even as I realized it was perfectly useless. Triton was smirking...or something. Anyways, his sharp teeth were showing. I'd close my eyes in terror, but I don't have eyelids. Fish, remember? I should've remembered why I hadn't seen him all these years.

Tristan POV

Where'd this freakin' Triton spring up from?! What am I? Bipolar?! Okay, that's not even funny right now.

I looked at the fish struggling my hands. Maybe it would've been better if she were a betts fish. I mean, shed be able to still breath and—what am I thinking about?!

I forced my will against Triton's and pried my hands open. The fish fell into the river where she turned back into her human form. She looked at me with terror and then turned and ran for the other side of the banks.

Will POV

Woah... Hold it. Maggie was a fish? What? And what the heck was that?! Anyways, she better not be a goldfish. They eat their own poop. Man, I was over at my cousin's house, and they were chasing other goldfishes' butts for their poop. Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad but...

Anyways, she seems to be safe now...right?

Triton POV

I can't believe I let Tristan take over! Even for a second!

I stared at the girl in front of me. Her hair was beautiful as it caught the rays of the sun. Urgh. What was I thinking?! Was Tristan's disgusting "love" contagious?! But...I really can't kill her like this.

I leapt into the waters and grabbed her wrist. She twisted around in surprise. I pulled her close to me, and before she could insert a word of protest, I pressed my lips to hers.

Mags POV

All thoughts of even closing my eyes in terror are gone. In fact, I'm sure my eyes are open wider than they've ever been before.

I growled threateningly as Tris—I mean Triton—kissed me. I could feel, rather than see, his trademark smirk against my lips.

I pushed him away quickly even though that kiss felt like an eternity. He was a good kisser...WHAT THE HECK MAGS?!

Will POV

My jaw could've hit the floor from shock. Or the grass, since we're outside. What just happened?

Triton POV

She growled. I smirked. She pushed me away. I pulled her back.

"Since I didn't kill you, I had to have a good taste, right?" I whispered into her ear. "And might I say, you are quite the delicacy."


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