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Because you asked for it and because it is ridiculous how much I love you. I hope you like it. ❤️


Chapter 3 Donovan POV

(Yes, it's the chapter you want.)

Slinging his strap over his head, Donovan moved towards the door. The girl who had been giving him glances all through class rushed to take the spot by his side. He remained unresponsive to her presence.

"I know you are new here," she said, her voice breathy. "So, you know, if you ever need help on anything, let me know. I'm a great teacher."

She leaned in at the last part and Donovan had to hold himself back from forcing space between them. Carter snorted, drawing the girl's attention and receiving an annoyed glare. She was leaning against a set of lockers, her hands in their normal hiding spots in her pockets.

"I was completely lost about the whole thing with the isotopes, would you be willing to teach me?" she asked. "Or is it only attractive males that you have the heart of a teacher for?"

A blush raced across the girl's face and her eyes blazed with anger. Donovan found himself fighting with a smile at Carter's taunting look. Gratefully, the girl spun away. Carter pushed herself off the lockers and started walking, Donovan fell into step beside her with Link.

"Do you just not like blondes?" Link asked. "Or were you jealous that someone else offered to tutor Donovan?"

Carter gave him a flat look and he responded with a pleased smile. A sharp laugh cut through the thick layer of voices, followed by a weak protest. Donovan scanned the hallway for the source. Further down the hallway stood a semi circle of guys, facing a set of lockers. Without saying anything, Carter moved over to them. Link looked to Donovan as they followed, hearing another protest. Curiosity bubbled in his stomach, watching Carter approach the group.

As she flicked the ear of the guy on the outside of the semi circle, a smile threatened Donovan's lips. When the guy turned, she forced herself into the center of the circle. From where they were, Donovan could see a cowering figure on the floor. Carter stood in front of him, like a protecter. At her sudden appearance, the group instinctively took a step back.

"Good morning, gentlemen," she said. "A little early for this much testosterone, isn't it?" There was a breath of a pause. "Hey, Zac, how's the shoulder?"

A guy on the left rolled his shoulder reflexively.

"Hurt pretty bad when the nurse popped it back in, didn't it? I offered to do it for you."

The guy beside Zac waved his hand.

"This is none of your business, Owens, just leave," he said.

"True, but you have no business getting into Edmond's business. So I have decided, since each of us aren't minding our own business, to get involved in this business."

The guys exchanged looks, as Link glanced at Donovan, his eyebrows raised as if to say, 'this girl is something.' Donovan gave a nod in agreement, his focus cutting back to Carter.

"Look, Owens, this is between us and Edmond. You should leave before you hurt yourself."

A spark of anger flared in Carter's eyes and Donovan shifted closer. With each second he was around her, the image of a ticking bomb solidified in his mind. Dangerous, explosive and unpredictable.

"Look," Carter said, her expression nonchalant, "although I have no personal feelings towards Edmond here, I have even less feelings towards all of you, so I'm going to explain how this is going to go down."

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