Sad! Levi x Reader (part 1)

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This is my first post thingy so sorry if its not very good >.< Obviously I don't own Attack on Titan or any of its characters :(

Crying. It was all you did from the moment you entered your room. So many lives lost.... why did this world have to be so cruel?

You had just returned from your failed mission outside the walls. You, the Survey Corps, were surrounded by hatred now, citizens not understanding that you had all already been punished enough by the loss of your fallen comrades' bodies. They didn't understand. You gripped your soft pillow and let out a muffled scream. Why?! 

Hours passed, until the moon rose and shafts of its pale light penetrated the darkness of the room. Curtains wafted in the breeze; you had forgotten to close the window. Shakily, you rose and was about to shut it when you saw a silhouette on top of wall Rose. Who was it? Deciding that you wouldn't be able to sleep anyway, you silently leaped from the window, landing on the stone floor with a thud, and started towards the wall.

After walking for a short way, you reached the gate and, going through the secret door that only you and a few others knew about, you climbed the wooden slats that acted as a ladder. You reached the top a few minutes later, your legs aching with the effort. Hauling yourself onto your feet, you saw the figure take a step towards the edge. They hadn't noticed you yet. You quietly took a step towards them and was shocked to see the raven black hair that you recognized all too well. Levi? What was he doing up here, and why was he so close to the edge? You took another step towards him, as he took another step forward, still not noticing you. His feet were now hanging over the edge. Now, with him silhouetted in the moonlight, you saw his shoulders shaking. Then, he let out a muffled sob. No... he couldn't be... was humanity's strongest soldier...crying? You reached out an arm and grabbed his hand. Alarmed he spun around, meeting your (e/c) eyes with his tear-filled grey ones. His mouth parted in a gasp, and his eyes widened.

'Cadet,' he said shakily, evidently trying to sound proffesional, 'what are you doing up here? It's dangerous,'

'Apologies, Heicho,' you dipped your head, 'but I could ask you the same thing.' He broke your gaze and looked away. The pair of you stayed silent for what seemed like eternity.

'(y/n)' He broke the silence with a shaky voice, 'I don't think I can go on living for any longer.'

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