Back at the suite, Tyler had been standing in his balcony, staring out at the bright city of Los Angeles, his mind wandering aimlessly.

It was 11:58 when suddenly a loud alarm rang out of his phone, making it vibrate insanely at the same time. Tyler's heart skipped a beat. It was the emergency alarm Tyler had given Jade. Jade was in trouble, and he had to help her.

Pulling out his phone form the pocket, he quickly clicked the location. The clock blinked to 11:59 and the location which was being pinpointed suddenly disappeared. At the same time the alarm stopped too.

"What the -" Tyler's eyes widened in panic. This was bad.

Rushing out of his room, Tyler dialed Pixie. She answered on the first bell.

"Did you get the distress signal?" Pixie asked as soon as she answered. "What happened? Where is she, Tyler?"

"Track her!" Tyler commanded, running out of the suite and into the elevator. "Do it! Now!"

"I can't find a signal," Pixie answered worriedly.

"When was the last signal you got?" Tyler asked.

"At 11:58, two minutes ago," Pixie said, clicking away on her computer system.

"Pinpoint the location for me," Tyler said urgently. "I need to know where she was two minutes ago and seconds before that. If we can tell where the signal came from, I'll know how to find her."

"I got the signal two minutes ago on Melody Street, before that it was on - it keeps twisting and turning," Pixie sounded confused.

"That means she's on the move," Tyler inferred, hurrying out of his building and onto the main road. "Can you track her phone right now?"

"I can it. She's on Central Avenue, passing Presley Hotel."

"I've got her."

Stuffing the phone back in his pocket, Tyler ran towards the back of the building. Luckily, Presley Hotel wasn't far away. Tyler ran as fast as he could, diving around people and avoiding racing cars. At 12:02, he was standing on the deserted road to which Central Avenue led. This was the only place Jade could be coming towards. And now, Tyler was ready for her.

In the distance he saw two bright headlights tearing towards him. Tyler ducked into a dark alley, calculating how far the car was from the sound.

Holding his breath, Tyler raised his hand, aiming it at the place where he knew the car would be five seconds from now.

He fired.


12:03, Jade felt the car jerk suddenly forward. Lukas was thrown off her, landing on the floor of the limo with a loud thud. The tires screeched and the limo slid sideways, spinning as if out of control.

Lukas grabbed the door to support himself up, eyes wide with horror and shock. Jade held onto the seat to keep herself from falling, her breathing coming in broken rasps.

Suddenly the car slammed hard against something on the right, making both Lukas and Jade slide that way. Then there was silence.

"Jade?" Lukas reached out to her, taking her hand. "You all right?"

Jade nodded, as Lukas carefully opened the door of the limo and got out. Closing her eyes to hold back her tears, Jade took a deep shaky breath. She could hear Lukas talking to the driver outside.

"What happened here? I can't believe you. Don't think you can fool me. You probably just hit a bump on the road, you moron. Is this what I pay you for? You can't even drive. Now who's going to pay for all this damage? Your mother? Get out of my sight! Call someone here now."

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