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"I'm- f-fuck!- tired of- uh... F-Fu- uhhh-"

"Jimin!" Yoongi whacked his boyfriend playfully around the head with his script. "The line is 'I'm tired of being your burden!', got it?" The older told as Jimin shrugged.

"I-It's- f- a little too- fuck!- close to home." Jimin sighed as his boyfriend stood behind him, wrapping his arms around his waist, swaying from side to side as he covered his flushed cheeks in kisses.

As they took their moment for Jimin to calm down, they couldn't help but observe Jungkook and Taehyung as they practiced.

"That's it! I'm f-fucking done! Fuck!" Jungkook dramatically yelled, Taehyung's face dropping. "Y-You're dumping me?" Taehyung questioned in shock, waiting for Jungkook to dramatically reel it in.

"Yes, for I long to become... the worlds greatest hoe." Jungkook insisted, strutting away from Taehyung, who felt to the floor in fake heartbreak, screaming "Come back, my precious slut!"

The pair froze for a moment before excitedly jumping around, thinking they'd nailed their scene, before noticing Jimin and Yoongi staring, intense judgement in their expressions.

"What?" Taehyung questioned, his boyfriend taking his hand sweetly. "D-Didn't Mr Kim say- c-cats!- to keep it- fuck!- appropriate?" Jimin questioned as Taehyung just shrugged, proud of his original script, whilst Jungkook didn't show any sense of pride.

He just stuck by Taehyung.

"Well, it's... interesting?" Yoongi wondered if he was convincing enough, and Taehyung's wide box grin reassured him that he was a better actor than he thought he was.

"RIGHT! CLASS!" Mr Kim suddenly yelled, everyone freezing in their spots. "Rehearsal is over! Get your asses out of my class!" The class gleefully grabbed their bags and raced out of the class, Jimin and Yoongi doing so, too.

"Go over your lines at home, okay?" Yoongi told as his boyfriend's fist thumped at his own chest. "O-Okay." Jimin said, suppressing his true feelings on the storyline.

The idea behind it was sweet. Jimin understood what Yoongi was trying to do, and felt very lucky to have such a thoughtful boyfriend by his side... but, as rehearsals dragged on, he felt afraid.

The scene where they have their first kiss, while sweet, was also upsetting. Those words Jimin said about being a burden and an embarrassment never left his heart, even with Yoongi's sweet lyrics wiping his tears.

It felt strange to relive that moment.

"H-Hey, do you- c-cunt!- want to- keys!- come to my h-house?" Jimin questioned, his boyfriend frowning as he shook his head. "I've got to go home, Jimin."

"B-But, f-f- why?" The younger pouted and Yoongi didn't really want to say the reason, so he just smiled sweetly and said "I need to apply for jobs and stuff! Remember? I said I'd get a job so we can have fun days out!"

Jimin slowly nodded, sniffing sadly, and his boyfriend stroked the top of his head as they stood in the halls. "Hey." Yoongi made sure Jimin was looking him in the eyes, and wore a serious expression.

"You're adorable." Yoongi laughed and Jimin giggled shyly, before hugging his wonderful boyfriend with intense enthusiasm.


"See! That's how you drown your sims!" Taehyung evilly laughed as he sat at his computer, Jungkook rolling his eyes as he sat Taehyung's bed, neglected.

Well, not technically neglected. Taehyung was trying to get him involved, but Jungkook came over for cuddles and long conversations, like they used to have, whilst Taehyung just wanted to play The Sims 4 for ages.

"Taehyung, can't we do something else?" Jungkook muttered as his boyfriend turned around and grinned. "You wanna play The Sims 3 instead? A lot of people to prefer the open world aspect." Taehyung explained as Jungkook rolled his eyes.

"No video games!" Jungkook snapped, crossing his arms madly. "Lets do something together." Taehyung's expression dropped, and he looked slightly pissed off. He pushed his hair back stressfully and sighed.

"If you'd actually get involved for once, we'd already be doing that." Taehyung said, suddenly shutting his computer off, huffing as he stood up to go to the bathroom.

"Oh, come on." Jungkook groaned. "Don't try to make out I'm the bad guy, okay?" He snapped, but Taehyung ignored him, going into the bathroom and slamming the door.


"Damn it." Jungkook whispered to himself, grabbing his backpack and throwing it over his shoulders. He walked out of the bedroom and lightly knocked on the bathroom door. "Look, I'm gonna go home, 'kay? I'll see you tomorrow."

Taehyung didn't even respond, so Jungkook rushed out of the house, waving goodbye to Taehyung's only other family member, his brother, who had become Taehyung's everything, parent and carer, following the passing of their parents.

The pair were not directly related. They were adopted at the same time, but Taehyung was only a baby, while his brother, well...

"Get home safe." Jin shouted from the kitchen as Jungkook left, leading Jin to sigh in frustration. It was obvious to him that the pair were going through problems, and it was irritating that he couldn't help.

"Hey! Fuckface!" Jin yelled at the top of his lungs, the toilet flushing, an upset Kim Taehyung appearing in a flash.

"What's going on, eh?" Jin wondered but Taehyung shook his head. "I don't wanna talk about it, okay?" He snapped, a moody teen in his element.

Jin shrugged it off with a sigh, and continued preparing dinner, his brother not even helping. The deal was that Jin had to cook and, in return, Taehyung wouldn't tell anyone they were related. Their school board had strange problems with Teacher's being related to students, and would actively act against hiring those who had relatives attending the school.

They claimed it was to avoid teachers 'picking favourites' or whatever bullshit they could scoop out their asses, but Taehyung took it as a way to get out of work, since Jin was desperate for the job.

"Ah! Taehyung!" Jin called for his Brother, and the boy whipped his head around the doorway. "Have you seen my spare teachers pass? It has my other school key on it and they want me to turn in the key for a new staff member. It was hanging on the kitchen door handle but, for the life of me, I can't find it."

"N-No..." Taehyung mumbled.

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