Chloe’s POV

When I entered the room, all eyes were on me. I looked around and saw Andy and Josh, so I decided to sit with them, they're the familiar faces I need to let me forget about the other students.

So much for trying to keep a low profile.

“So? What happened? What did the principal tell you? Are going to be expelled or something?” Andy inquired.

“No, it’s worse.” I replied. “Remember the project in Health? Well… Mason’s going to be my partner.”

“Really? Oh man, you’re going to be the most envied girl in school for the next three months.” She said. Great! There’s going to lots of drama for the next 3 months. “That reminds me, are you going to Jessica’s party tonight?”

“What party?” I asked.

“The welcome back to school party, she always throws this party after the first week of class started.”

“Who throw’s a party on Monday? It’s the start the week.”

“Yeah, well, she’s Jessica so… you coming or not?”

“Maybe not, parties aren’t my thing plus I’m not even invited. So….” I lied.  Back in London I used to go to every party, mainly because my friends are usually the one throwing this kind of parties.

“Don’t be silly, everyone’s invited! You should come.” she said. Should I go or not? If I don’t go I’ll be home, up in my room watching reruns of teen wolf… Again. But if I go, I could possibly make new friends. See the keyword there? could Hmmm… Maybe I should try…

“Okay.” I agreed.

“Great! Here’s my number, text me your address and we’ll pick you up at seven okay?”



I took the bus on my way home. Since Mum won't be able to pick me up, this would be my main mode of transportation starting today.

They should buy me a car; I’m already old enough to own a car. I feel like a loser being a senior and all and not owning a car. But I can’t, my parents has this thing about teenagers being reckless and all, as if they weren’t teenagers themselves before, so much for having ‘cool parents’.

Thinking about this made me miss London and my friends even more, if it were back in London I won’t be taking the bus on my way home, I would have my best friend wait for me at the parking lot and drive me home safely.

The bus came to a halt a few blocks away from my house. I got down and walked from there. I walked down the pavement and studied the surroundings; there are trees along the road, houses everywhere, and kids playing in the yard.

Boy, my parent's do love to be cliché.

Finally I reached our house; I walked in and shut the door behind me. My brother's in the living room with friends playing video games. I went up to my room and closed the door. I put my bag over the table and laid down my bed.

A few minutes passed and I felt the angry tenant in my stomach wanting to be fed. I got up, tied my hair into a bun, waltz down the stairs and into the kitchen. I went straight to the fridge and got out the lasagna that was a left over from last night's dinner.

I placed it in the microwave and sat while waiting for it to be heated. I heard my stomach grumble. Okay! Okay! Can’t you see that I already put the lasagna in the microwave? Just chill, I will have something inside of you after a few minutes.

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