Chloe's POV

I smirked while I watched jerk-man's face turn a bright shade of red; both from my punch and the embarrassment he's facing right now. I knew he read the sticker at the back of my phone. My guess is; he didn't think I'd actually go through with it. Seeing him in that state ignited something inside of me.

"What? What now? Where is that arrogant jerk that blocked me in the hallway earlier huh? The one mocking me in English?" I mocked. "I never would've guessed you're a pussy, a total pussy! I only threw you one punch." I said, making the number 1 on my finger. "One! And now you're completely speechless. You should have told me that the only way to shut you up is by punching you straight to the face so I would've done it earlier." He was still speechless. He just sat there, looking at me. No one can stop me right now, I'm on a roll. "Everyone thinks that-"

"What is going on here?" a voice boomed; cutting my speech.

The principal stood at the entrance with an irritated look on his face.

When did he come in?

Has he been there this whole time?

Did he saw what I did to jerk-man?

"What are you kids still doing here? Don't you have classes to attend to? Move!" he made his way to us. "Both of you in my office now!"

We followed the principal in silence to his office.

Though I might get in trouble for what I did, I can't help but feel a bit proud for what I did to jerk-man. I can tell that his face will bruise.

"So... What happened?" the principal asked.

He seemed to be a lot calmer now than before.

"This guy." I pointed to jerk-man who's sitting beside me. "Has my phone, and doesn't want to give it back to me." I explained.

He looked at him with a look that says Is-this-true? Jerk-man's head is down and not answering.

"Well?" I pressed.

He sighed and looked up. He looked embarrassed.

Huh! He should be.

"Yes." he concluded, in a low voice.

"Why didn't you just give it back to her?" the principal asked.

"Becau-" Jerk-man never got the chance to finish his thought because a man in a suit came barging into the principal's office, cutting him off. Shock and panic tainted the principal's face as his eyes landed on the man approaching him.

The man in the suit was fuming, he's giving jerk-man the death stare.

Who is this man?

The principal and jerk-man clearly knew who he was and I am clueless.


"Mr. Mayor!" they said at the same time.

I punched the Mayor's son?

He's the Mayor's son?

Why didn't anyone inform me that before I kicked his ass? I am so dead.

I will be locked in jail for at least a month or two? What would my parents think? They probably would think they have a psychotic bitch that punches people for the lightest reasons as daughter.

I could just imagine the headline of the local newspaper.

'Psycho Blonde student punched the Mayor's son because he wouldn't give her phone back'

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