Chapter 13

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3rd person's pov

4 years old mahiru was in the same dream again. In a place where with that mysterious woman appeared. They were on  the secret garden, a garden filled with white roses and white butterflies.

"Mahi-chan." A sweet yet beautiful voice called.

Mahiru look at where that voice came from and saw a woman with long brown hair.

"Hey, Mom" mahiru greeted.

"Hello sweety. Enjoying the view?" The woman said sweetly.

"Hn, those white roses look so pretty." Mahiru said attempt to got one, but he accidentally touch one of the thorns.
"Itai." Mahiru said.

The mysterious woman chukle and got Mahiru. She put mahiru on the bench and got Mahiru's finger to gave it a treat.

"The flowers were pretty, but also its hurts." Mahiru stated cutely.

"Yes honey, Roses are pretty, but if you handle them with a wrong touch then you'll get hurt. Just like how life is." The mysterious woman said.

"Like life?" Mahiru ask tilting his head, with that Mahiru's finger now cover with a cute band aid. Then the woman chuckle and sat down next to Mahiru. She then lift Mahiru and put Mahiru on her lap. She pat Mahiru's hair gently

"Just like life. If you wouldn't make the right decision in your life then you'll end up regretting and got hurt painfully." The mysterious woman said.

"Ah, that looks hurtful." Mahiru said looking down.

"Yes, but you see If you had friends and family in your side. Then Life is less painful, because you have them in your side." The mysterious woman said while pinching Mahiru's tip nose.

"Itai yo Ugkasan." Mahiru said cutely.

The mysterious woman just chuckle and smile.

"Sakurapiya-chan. Your just here. I've been searching for you the whole time." Another woman showed up with pouting face and her hands was on her waist.

"Ara~ Ara~ Maki-chan. I'm fine, me and Mahiru just spending time together." The mysterious woman said now has a name of Sakurapiya.

"Mou, Why would name your own Child with combination of my name and your husband. Haru-kun also is an idiot for letting you name him." Maki said and was pointing towards Mahiru.

"Ara~ Ara~ That's fine, beside Maki, your my best friend and Haru is my lover. So combine the two most important person in the world will 'Mahiru' right?" Sakurapiya said.

"Mah, I don't care. As long as Child is not a brat. I'm fine with it." Maki said while walking away.

"Lets go Mahiru?" Sakurapiya ask.

Tedw And then the trio went inside the unknown place.

Then with that Mahiru wake up. He groan before slowly opening his eyes. He sat up and look around and notice he was in his room. Mahiru sigh before deciding to move but he was surprise that in his lap, a sleeping black cat was present. He smile and pat the cat softy which the the cat responds with a purr.

"Nya~" the cat said.

Mahiru chuckle and smile.

He carry the sleeping cat and put the cat in his pillow. He put a blanket on the cat before deciding to go to the bathroom and fix hisself.

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