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somewhere over the rainbow » judy garland
" if happy little bluebirds fly
beyond the rainbow why oh why can't i? "

count on me » bruno mars
" you can count on me like one two three
i'll be there "

stand by you » rachel platten
" love, you're not alone
'cause i'm gonna stand by you "

that's so us » allie x
" we take on the world together
that's so us, that's so us "

written in the stars » the girl and the dreamcatcher
" written in the stars
like graffiti, can't ignore it "

daydreamin' » ariana grande
" you walked in
caught my attention "

moon river » audrey hepburn
" we're after the same rainbow's end
waitin' 'round the bend "

real for you » james hersey
" real for you, i can't help it
i get real for you, i feel for you "



rachel and soph for making me bring this book back to life

also to everyone else who believed in me, i love y'all so much.

and i love you, gilbert blythe; you're not real but neither is my level of patience so that works well.


author's note.

before we begin this story, i would like to say that i am not trying to be rude or disrespectful towards colour blindness, it's just a main part of the story. so, please don't think that i'm trying to make fun of it or tease because i know how serious it is. i own these characters and this storyline so all credit and disclaimer goes to me, do not steal them. also for all the readers who read this book before i unpublished it, yes, i got rid of the faceclaims. because i'm allowing everyone to think of what the characters can look like themselves.

also, i'll be updating on tuesdays and thursdays.

please enjoy this cute and fluffy story!

-indiana xx

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