A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped Story) (30)

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Internal Selves

Whitney’s (Pov)

Again a very tension filled silence ensues. I don’t know for a fact but I assume the one question that he never wanted me to ask I just did.

I do not care anymore if he does not want to answer my questions if I don’t get the answers I seek then I will not be a corporative captive like I have been so far.

No if he refuses to give me even the slightest bit of information I will make it my mission to make him miserable and more likely than not get into some hot water with his "master" I will try to escape him even if it kills me.

Eitan regards me with an expressionless face or what I assume would be an expressionless face would it not be for that damn black cloak of his! What right does he have to conceal his identity from me? He gets to do anything he wants with my life, and I do not even get the courtesy to see the man that I have no doubts will ruin my life if not end it.

He leans his head back and his hood follows. The light within the room seems to dim to an ethereal glow it is almost as if someone is suffocating the light as well any positive vibe or feeling with it. I feel a tremor go down my spine and an eerie feeling consumes me, something is not right.

My senses go on alert something is very wrong, is Eitan doing this? I look at him with an open stare I know my eyes must convey the insecurities and plain fear I am experiencing; did I just make a fatal move?

"You are not ready for the answers to that particular question trust me on this." His voice lowered two octaves, my mother is a choir teacher I know. I think on what he said, he may be right but being in the dark hasn’t done me any good so far. It is not as if him telling me will change my fate, or will it?

Is that why he won’t answer the question because he knows if he did it could somehow hurt his plans for this Lord Tempest plans?

"Eitan stop it, whatever you are doing to the room, stop it." I start to feel suffocated along with everything else and I feel panic, but I turn it into angry and direct it and the person who has caused it.

"Are you asking me Miss Whitney or are you telling me." To the normal ear it would have sounded like nothing in his tone has changed, but to me for whatever reason I know there is a difference but it is not a threat it is almost humorous, how dare he.

"I doubt that matters, you aren’t going to stop anyways are you?" I cross my arms over my chest out of frustration and feeling sorry for myself and in an attempt to conmfort myself.

"This whole situation will only be as difficult and miserable as you make it Whitney if you want me to answer your questions or preform an action you have to give me a reason. In this world you get nothing for free, for anything that is not an equal value to that which you seek."

This whole situation vaguely reminds me of my previous interaction with Kieran when me and him made a deal and it did not end up well on my part. It ended with me giving Kieran my first kiss and then Kieran lying and not keeping his end of the deal. I don’t think it would be wise to take that route again, but it seem making deals is common in this world or just common to demons.

I think over Eitan’s words what could I give that is equal to the answers I seek, maybe he has a question he seeks from me to have answered? But what questions could he have that I could haggle for? I guess the logically thing would be to ask him if there is an answer he seeks that only I could give him.

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