Demonic Seduction

Chapter 1

"Get off of me Jerry!" I complained, pushing him away.  

"Oh come on, you know you want me."  

"Yea... I want you to get off of me and go home. Devin is going to be here in a few minutes and you have to be gone by then." 

Jerry gave me a disappointed look but got up from the couch and grabbed his phone and wallet from the coffee table.  

"I'm sorry but you know how it is," I said softly as he glared at me in frustration and walked out of the front door

I locked the door behind him and headed upstairs to my bathroom to freshen up. I pulled my knee length dress back into place and fixed my lip gloss so that Devin won't notice anything.

"You've really got to stop this before it gets completely out of control." I heard a familiar voice say from behind me and turned around to face my older sister Leah.  

"And you've really got to learn to mind your own business," I snapped back at her. I know what I'm doing is wrong but I need some excitement in my life. I don't want to end up like Leah. She's only nineteen and her whole future is planned out already. She is studying to become a doctor and engaged to her high school sweetheart. She says she's happy and that it's a dream come true but I want to see the world and have some fun before deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I've been trying to live up to Leah my whole life and to be perfectly honest I've just about had enough of it. I'm tired of trying to be somebody I'm not just to keep my parents and family happy.

I heard the door bell ring and pushed pass her without another word. She can think whatever she wants of me, it doesn't matter anymore. I took a deep breath, pulled my lips up into a fake smile and opened the door for Devin.

"Hi beautiful!" he said excitedly, stepping forward and pulling me into a huge hug.  

"Hi," I replied trying to sound exited. I've been dating Devin for almost two years and have had just about enough of him. He is just like my sister and my parents, boring. According to my mom and dad Devin is the best thing that ever happened to me, he can't do a thing wrong in their eyes and if it was up to them they would probably be planning our wedding as soon as I graduate from high school next year.

Everybody at school loves him too. He gets straight A's as well as plays for the football team. It is actually irritating how perfect he is. I don't want to be perfect if it means being a snobby boring person who considers camping with your parents fun and exciting.

"We need to talk," I said pulling away from him and leading him over to the couch where Jeremy and I were making out only a few minutes ago.  

"Ok but first I want to give you something," he said taking a little box out of his pocket before I could object. He opened the box and held it out for me to see.  

"It's really pretty," I said removing the ring from the box and examining it closely, it had his name engraved on the inside.  

"It's a promise ring, I got myself one with your name engraved on it too. It is to declare our love for each other and a symbol of our promise to wait for each other until we get married," he explained looking at me lovingly.

A few months after Devin and I started dating our parents gave us a sex talk and we both decided that we won't sleep together and that we will stay true to one another until we were old enough to get married. I was young and naïve back then and to be honest I can't believe he still feels that way. I know it sounds kind of romantic but to me it just sounds pathetic.