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Charlie - Cameron

-How was your day at the office?

-As eventful as it could get. Hbu?

-Busy. Not that I expected anything different. It is Monday.

-True. How did classes go?

-Good. I mean, how else can that be when they're online?

-I'd say horrible and boring.

-lol I mean you're not far from the truth, but they weren't that bad.

-They were.

-No. Anyways, how's the deal with your family?

-Still up my ass about trying to find a girl to marry.

-Why don't you find a girl?

-Funny, Charlie. You and I know that's not what I like.

-I know. You should just come out to them. Get them off. You live alone, they don't support you either.

-I can't. I do work my dad. He'll fire me as soon as "gay and I'm" are in the same sentence.

-I wish it wasn't like that.

-Me too.

-I mean, I'm not in the best shoes to give advice, but you know what I mean. You also have money, you can actually do something about it, not me.

-I have said to come live with me. And money isn't shit when you work for your dad and he can fire you leaving you broke. Not that I don't have money saved,  but still.

-I can't you know that. Yeah, save, you never know when things will turn for the worst.

-I do, I just don't understand why. Yes, I know.

-I can't tell you. I wish I could, but  you'll stop talking to me.

-I'll never.

-You will.

-Why do you say that?

-Just forget it. Just find a way, Cam. You're an adult, you're parents should let you do your own life. Its not fair.

-Sometimes I think I'm 17 and not 27. That's how much they belittle every choice I make.

-I don't like your parents. You're an old man, they should treat you like one.

-I know, I don't either. Stfu, don't remind me, you're getting there yourself being 26 and all this year.

-Idk how some people get sick with what others eat. Makes no sense. And am I? I could be 10 years old.

-Ikr. And please, I would have noticed. Kids and teenagers are horrible creatures these days. You're not like that. You also can keep a conversation without being ignorant and fangirling over some celebrity.

-What are you doing?

-Getting undress to shower. You?

-Nothing. I'll ttyl then, shower thinking about me...

-You know I always do. I don't think about anyone but you. 

-Good, I think about you too. Bye, I'm going to sleep then. 

-Goodnight, dream about me.

-They'll be extra sweet than.

-Lol mines will be extra wet.

-Of course. Bye, now. 


This story is going to have really short to long chapters. I'm going to try and stick to the texting method, but obviously going to change to P.O.V.'s here and there so that y'all know what Charlie and Cameron are thinking. I know another story, but I haven't finished the other ones. Anyways, let me know what you thought.

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